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That may be a “Message of Love,” but KLove is No Pretender.

With Final Four on TAP, CLICKING Bruins get spurred on to San Antonio by spirited campus Send-Off

The UCLA Bruins are in San Antoinio right now, preparing to play in their third consecutive Final Four.  But before they boarded the bus, they received an incoming message from thousands of well-wishers:  Everybody Loves Love and Company.

The turnout, considering the lack of publicity, was astounding, as Bruin Walk was lined 5-deep on both sides when the team made their procession.  Mostly students, the crowd was lively and confident, as they urged the players on with positive “3rd time’s the charm” mojo.

Unfortunately, even though the UCLA Band (or at least a portion of it) was playing their regular repetoire of songs, the Spirit Squad did NOT perform, since they too were loading in all their stuff and boarding the bus for the journey.  At least they jettisoned their sweats and appeared in uniform, if ever so briefly.  That was a nice bonus – It’s not like the players wore their uniforms!

The players were loose, and were seeming to enjoy the moment, without being hams.  They signed some quick autographs (for the most insistent co-eds), but didn’t strut around like trojans who think that they are God’s gift to the World.  It was apparent that this team understands what it means to act like you’ve BEEN THERE BEFORE.

And kudos to Sports Information Director Marc Dellins, who seems to know all the (real) media personnel, including the cameramen, and who wasn’t hesitant to shoo away the two female staffers who kept mindlessly planting themselves right in the center of the frames of all the TV cameras, blocking their view of the players’ approach.

Here are a dozen captioned photos of the team and the Spirit Squad (including a couple of the Male Squadmembers, for a change), all taken at yesterday’s event.

 Now that’s what we call a Royal Send-Off

The Tunnel For Love

“What?!  NO!  I said ‘Here come the FLAGS.’”

Leading the Charge to the NCAA Championship!

Darren is so quick, that even during a ceremonial Walk, it looks like he’s running.

Nice to see that injured Roll is enjoying the experience.

That shirt he’s signing will be worth a bundle one day.

If “The Diamond Jubilee Cruise Shipp” doesn’t Capsize, the Bruins might be the iceberg to Titanics Memphis and North Carolina

Westbrook knows that this is Serious Business.

Later, he unveiled a shirt that said something like:  “Homegrown - From Huntington Park to San Antonio”

They didn’t need the barricades:  These Girls could part the Red Sea.

A veritable guantlet of photographers made it look like the Red Carpet at the Oscars.  At least Joan Rivers and Ryan Seacrest didn’t come.

"TEX MESSAGE" was published on April 3rd, 2008 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos, UCLA/usc/Sports Photos.

Comments on "TEX MESSAGE": 3 Comments

  1. PacificRxBruin2k wrote,

    Just wanted to bring to your attention about the “Love” (Pun totally intended) the UCLA dance team is getting these days.

    Here’s a link to the Cheerleader of the Week from (the UCLA Dance team’s very own Brianna, I think some of the visitor may have to seek help quickly):

    Oh yeah, and seems like our favorite UCLA announcer from years past Dick Enberg enjoys the artistic beauty and downright awesomeness of our UCLA Dance team as well:

  2. Dan wrote,


    Exactly what I was trying to say…all the girls have something special about them (like the UCLA basketball team) but BRIANNA and KATIE (ya Robert) are the next level up… LIKE the NBA for CHEERLEADING. Not trying to be freaky or FUNKY…only speaking the truth. You can ask my entire building (over 1000 guys and girls) all agree that BRIANNA is unique and extremely TALENTED…

    GO Bruins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. t-h wrote,

    Consider this a big “Editor’s Note” —

    Hey Dan —

    I love your enthusiasm. It goes right up to “stalker” level, but in a non-threatening way. And I appreciate you guys understanding the need for respect. The Girls themselves REALLY DO check this site out from time to time. Now I’m going to tongue-tie you even more, by telling you that this is NOT a competition. I want you to keep writing in, singing the praises of your favorites, but without COMPARING them to the other Girls. I have to still go out and take photos, and the Girls who you claim to be not on the highest level won’t smile for me any more if I allow comments like that. And I don’t blame them.

    So — You can say “hot,” and “stunning,” and many other adjectives, but not “hottest,” or “MOST stunning.” Please don’t compliment someone by elevating them above the others. Okay? We’ll still get the inference, without any feelings getting hurt. And by the way, your favorites also feel a little uncomfortable when they are singled out and lifted ABOVE their fellow Squadmembers.

    Thanks for your understanding, and please, don’t let this Curb Your Enthusiasm!


    P.S. Wait until you see tomorrow’s pictorial. You will think you’ve died and gone to Heaven.

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