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Helps the medicine go down

Spoonful of sugar — “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” is what you say when you don’t know what to say, and seeing (former UCLA Dance Team member) Michelle be so graceful and exquisite in last night’s prelim round of the 2014 Miss CaliforniaUSA pageant left me speechless

For the second time in three years, a gorgeous member of the UCLA Spirit Squad’s legendary “Fab Four” has raised the bar at the Miss CaliforniaUSA pageant.  In 2012, I brought you photos galore of Bruin Superstar Katie Wee, tearing it up in Palm Desert, in her first-ever foray into the pageant world.  And now, in 2014, Katie’s former teammate, the sultry and exotic Michelle has just dived into the pageant pool, making a hugely-successful splash.

Looking fit, trim, tight, and may I say luscious in the swimsuit competition, followed up by sheer elegance and grace in the formal gown segment of the event, Michelle has once again made UCLA look good to the rest of the world.  Designated as “Miss Westwood,” Michelle wowed onlookers with her obvious confidence, and effortless, natural stage presence.  You’d never know it was her first beauty contest.

The competition continues on Saturday evening, at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach.  In the meantime, here are 30 photos of Michelle and her fellow contestants as they vie for the coveted crown.

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