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Dim-Wittek — Trojans stroke out in Sun Bowl, eclipsed by lowly Georgia Tech 21-7, as sc’s QB of the future Max Wittek burns troy with a pathetic three-Interception performance, including two in the end zone

If Max Wittek is to be u$c’s Quarterback for the next three years, Lane Kiffin has some serious work to do.  Wittek embarrassed himself and his fans on Monday with a horrible showing that included indecision, bad decisions, batted-down passes, and off-target throws missing wide-open Receivers all day long.

Wittek’s performance was so bad, that his Star Receivers were coming off the field complaining and yelling at Kiffin, probably to pull Wittek and put in another QB.  With no Passing game to speak of, the trojans allowed Georgia Tech to key on the run, stuffing the sc rushing game, and stopping the trojan Offense time after time after time.  After Halftime, the trojans went about an hour without gaining a single First Down.  And when they finally gained a few yards, Wittek capped the productive drives with killer Interceptions, thrown right at Yellow Jacket defenders.  Maybe you can blame it on the STRONG WINDS in the stadium, but if not, Wittek really, really sucked all game long.

It’s not like the trojans ran into a Bowl juggernaut — Before Monday, Georgia Tech had lost their last SEVEN Bowl games!!  Not only that, but GT was almost not eligible for this year’s game.  They actually had a LOSING RECORD this season, and had to petition for a berth in the postseason.

But sc didn’t want to be in the Sun Bowl at all, thinking they were too good for it, for the city of El Paso, and for Georgia Tech.  Even without Matt Barkley, the trojans were 8-point favorites.  But Georgia Tech never trailed, and went up 21-7 in the 4th, when Nikell Robey missed an easy tackle allowing a Yellow Jacket ballcarrier to stroll into the end zone.  SC had many chances to come back, thanks to a fluke turnover on a punt, and thanks to a slew of dubious penalties on a GT team that was already celebrating, but every time the trojans got close, Wittek threw away their hopes.

SC ended up losing 5 of their last 6 games, becoming apparently the first team in history to be ranked #1 and then LOSE SIX GAMES.  Talk about “unfinished business!”  Expect a full-blown Quarterback Controversy in South Central next season, as trojan fans will not soon forget just how bad Wittek was in the 2012 Sun Bowl.

Happy New Year, Bruin fans.  To celebrate, here are 40 more UCLA Spirit Squad photos from last week.


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