Trojan Freak Breaks Teammate’s Cheek:  SC Fullback Stanley Havili has a 5th-year Senior Moment, when he gets in a fight with Cornerback T.J. Bryant, and breaks his face

Could it be ‘Roid Rage?  Could it be Depression due to Sanctions?  Could it be Sheer Stupidity?  Or was it a Perfect Storm of all three?

Last week at a Players-only work-out, Stanley Havili got into a scuffle with fellow trojan-for-life T.J. Bryant, and apparently hit him in the face so hard, that Bryant had to go to the hospital for Cheekbone Surgery.  Havili is a 5th-year Senior, so of course he should KNOW BETTER, and have some self-control.  Head Coach Lane Kiffin wasn’t there, but suggests that the incident was just a failed attempt at “Leadership.”  At usc, and in thug-life everywhere, Leadership is defined by who could win a fist-fight, or by who is willing to get the most violent.  This fight escalated from an argument — and thugs who can’t handle a verbal confrontation always resort to violence, to compensate for their mental shortcomings.   

Bryant, who is competing this Fall to be a Starter, is expected to miss a few weeks.  Havili, however, may not miss a beat.  So far, Kiffin has NOT disciplined Havili, and may just take the Pete Carroll “boys will be boys” route, in an effort to NOT lose his Starting Fullback.  He doesn’t want to lose him for the Hawaii game by suspending him, and he doesn’t want to lose him to a transfer, by alienating him.  With a roster already thinned out by defections, Kiffin just can’t afford to lose a skill position starter.

At least THIS time, the trojan-on-trojan violence happened on the field.  Last time, Steve Smith broke Dominique Byrd’s jaw over a WAGER on a Video Football game. 

Havili says that he feels horrible about what he did to Bryant, and that emotions were high and intelligence was low.  Of course, saying that intelligence is low on a trojan football field is the ultimate redundancy.

Havili says that he and Bryant are already back on good terms, but will he spoon-feed him Gerber’s Mashed Bananas until Bryant is back on solid food?

With all the frustration at sc right now, is it only a matter of time before one of the players punches out Kiffin?



  1. Fast freddie Avatar
    Fast freddie

    Kiffin said he did not know if he would suspend Havili.
    It went like this,
    Lame: “Is he a starter?”
    Daddy; “Yes,….. and Captain”
    Lame: “AND CAPTAIN ????”
    Daddy: “that’s right!”
    Lame:………. “Oh………. OK, no suspension.”

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  3. JosephineBruin Avatar

    and the hits just keeeepp on coming!