Kevin Prince… while his jaw was still intact.

UCLA’s Starting QB Kevin Prince will be out a month after a Tennessee tackler breaks his jaw on a late (un-)Safety

Just as the Bruins start to get “on a roll,” along comes this:  Kevin Prince will be out 3-4 weeks with a fractured jaw.   A National audience watched as he spit out blood after the play, but he came back for the final two snaps, so it didn’t seem to be a major problem.  But now it turns out his jaw will be wired shut, and Richard Brehaut is the new Bruin Starting QB.

Okay, now cue the theme from “Jaws” because your chum Kevin Craft is now one injury away from taking over again.

 Brehaut threw 2 passes against the Aztecs and looked good.  He didn’t play in the tight game in Knoxville, but he should be just fine on Saturday night against Kansas State.  There is no doubt around here that Brehaut is the right choice, and that the dropoff from Prince to Brehaut is not drastic.  The 2-0 Bruins can win in the Rose Bowl, with a conservative gameplan, which is what they will need  — It was believed that Brehaut was not grasping the nuances of the playbook as quickly as Prince was.

But Brehaut has the talent, and the Bruins have the Coaching to get to 3-0, and a surprisingly successful start to their 2009 campaign.  The only question is:   How good would Brehaut have to be to get named the permanent Starter?  It’s not right for Prince to lose his Starting spot due to injury, but he hasn’t been spectacular so far, so if Brehaut IS, then, what must be, must be.

 This savvy, ad lib shovel pass was called back on a penalty.

Something looks off here.

Now here are a couple of nice jaws… The Jaws of Life.