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New test scores plus graDes of acaDemically-challengeD one-anD-Done canDiDate Demar Derozan are gooD enough for him to be ramroDDeD into floyD’s “cavalcaDe of conDumbs,” as the next hope to Derail the Dramatic Decline, Decimation, and possible Dissolution of the DemonizeD and DemoralizeD usc athletic Department

Won’t they ever learn?  With the smoke still not clear from Mayogate, sc is already at it again — this time with Demar Derozan.  This week it was announced that Demar has finally become academically-eligible to attend usc.

Up until this announcement, Derozan was reportedly considering a trip to Europe.  Like former Arizona recruit Brandon Jennings, who IS going to Europe, Derozan knew that becoming eligible was no certainty, and that was after taking the big test THREE times.

But ALLEGEDLY, Demar took some Internet courses that in effect, “raised” previously-received grades.  By artificially inflating his GPA (find the Proctor to say otherwise), his needed score on the test dropped significantly.  And once again, when the trojan athletic Machine needs a player to have a sudden surge of brain power, he does.  This situation is reminiscent of when Chauncey Washington was allegedly failing out of school, until the six Tailbacks ahead of him on the Depth Chart got injured/transferred.  Suddenly, Washington got an A (in Nuclear Physics?), and was back on the practice field.

So it looks like Fig Tech found a way to get their new hero into the Galen Center.  How quickly they forget.  The last time they ignored the rules to bring in a savior, they ended up with a humiliating first-round loss in the Tourney, and a slew of NCAA Investigators crawling into and probing every nook and cranny at Heritage Hall.

In fact, SEVERAL high-profile trojan recruits have been caught on the wrong side of the Law (or NCAA Rule), causing many headaches for sc:  Reggie Bush, Dwayne Jarrett, Matt Leinart, Marc Sanchez, O.J. Mayo, Davon Jefferson, Winston Justice, Rey Malauga, Maurice Simmons (currently), and now, they take a chance on Derozan.

It is generally accepted that Tim Floyd gave a scholarship to the lightly-regarded Lil Romeo, because he was a package deal with Derozan.  THAT RIGHT THERE should have raised a red flag.  But Floyd seems to sell his soul over and over again, so why not replace the departed Mayo and Jefferson with another potential problem child?

And:  If this guy just barely qualified to play in the NCAA, after three tries at the test, and probably-unsupervised e-classes, how is he supposed to survive a whole year at the highly-respected academic institution of higher learning that IS usc?  Can he just take Ballroom Dancing, and “defer” all his other “requirements” until his Sophomore Year (snicker, snicker)?  When asked about usc, he doesn’t mention academics.  He has no respect for College or education, saying that playing for an NCAA school is a great way to GET SEEN playing ball in this Country.  So, just like with Mayo, Derozan is going to attend usc, for the exposure, IN SPITE OF the education.

And:  How about Agents and Runners?  Derozan is undoubtedly one of the flashiest and most athletic players in the Country — Do you think he is the “smart” type who knows how to resist/avoid all these illegal influences?  And should usc be “expected’ to be aware of ANYTHING that is going on?

Right now, Bruin fans are thanking God for the integrity and character-evaluation abilities of Ben Howland.

“Justice” would have the trojans get hit with sanctions, and a Tournament Ban, right in the middle of Derozan’s only year.  Would he hitch a ride to romantic Italy THEN?  He could take Lil Romeo, and make him his Lil Juliet.


Speaking of romance, here are 5 more lovely photographs of the 2008 usc Song Girls in action.  No doubt, it will be the very same trojans who whine about the recent decline of the Song Girls, who download these photos onto their hard drives. 

 Perhaps today’s trojan fan just likes to complain…

… or maybe most of the complainers are Bruins in disguise, just making trouble.

SO — The cookie-cutter Barbies are a victim of higher academic requirements, but Derozan gets in?

The most vocal trojan complainers will probably make this shot their desktop wallpaper.  BTW — See?  These girls are NOT fat — I can’t get you any better evidence!

Since this is the last one:  I hereby apologize to my friend whose kid is challenged, if he finds this whole article offensive.  You’ll notice that we didn’t use that word that you despise, not even in jest.




  1. SVCA to SCMO Avatar
    SVCA to SCMO

    Give us some thoughts on why sc twists the rules until they scream. Has this gotten out of hand due to the attitude of Mike Garrett, or does the anarchy precede Garrett?

    [T-H’s Note: No, no, no — Garrett didn’t start it — In fact, this arrogant disregard for the rules goes WAY back, to when Garrett was PLAYING for usc. All through the 1970’s and ’80’s, the Football team was making a mockery of NCAA regulations. I can tell you that the famous Tailbacks of the John McKay era were PUT up at Beverly Hills mansions belonging to distinguished usc alumni. And NO, they weren’t paying “rent.” And if I could know about THAT, just imagine the kind of extra benefits that they were also collecting (Think: “Escorts”).

  2. Robert Avatar

    OMG!! sorry to say this, but I really think that u.s.c. has just thrown in the towel when it comes to choosing the girls for their spirit squads, it appears that they’ll just let anybody be on the squad – all they need is to just show up to the tryouts. I’ve been to their campus and I know for A FACT that they can do much better than this, I’ve seen “some” girls on their campus that can rival our current talent

    I remember 10-15 years ago, I used to look at their squads and say “damn! how i wish UCLA could have that kind of talent!” but now? . . . . I just don’t know. It would be nice quite frankly to see them get to the UCLA level, just so them trojan fans could stay with their group of fans before the UCLA vs. usc games and stop coming to our side to just stare at our amazingly beautiful cheerleaders like Katie, Elise, and Michelle (but who could blame them?) ;-p


  3. jp Avatar

    t-h, do you know if the UCLA Dance Team know that they are the current envy of other schools?

    [T-H’s Note: Are you being facetious? These Girls do not live in a cave! And even if they did, at least one of them would set up wireless access in the cave, in order to frequent this site (!). And with (the 4) fans like you who echo their praises, HOW could they NOT know?]

  4. UCLAXTC Avatar

    Judging from your photos, our Dance Team kicks the pants off of USC’s Song Girls.

  5. AndrewBoldman Avatar

    da best. Keep it going! Thank you