LenDale White Officially Suspended for Doping, Seantrel Henderson Smartly Suspends HIS Doping, and Todd McNair Permanently Suspended for Duping

Operation Dumbo Drop has begun… in triplicate.

Three different usc-related Sports Figures have built a bridge of Suspension this week, with an ex-player, a Coach, and maybe the School, all being dropped.  Ex-trojan LenDale White got in trouble for ROLLING joints, Todd McNair got in trouble despite not ROLLING over on Heritage Hall, and Seantrel Henderson is becoming trouble for usc by not enROLLING at all.

Ex-trojan LenDale White, who had previously admitted that he smoked Pot while playing in the NFL, finally got the Official word from the NFL yesterday, that he is suspended for FOUR games for taking a banned substance.  The substance is probably just Weed — not Steroids like Brian Cushing, Mark McGwire, and other ex-trojans — because if it were Steroids, they probably would have called it performance-enhancing drugs instead of just a banned substance… and he probably would have performed a lot better on the field.  But he played more like a Stoner than a Juicer, constantly forgetting his assignments, repeatedly being too unmotivated to lay a Block, and possibly eating a quart of Ben & Jerry’s at halftime.

Meanwhile, 355-pound behemoth Seantrel Henderson — sc’s #1 Recruit — is supposed to be in trojan Summer School dumbing down, but so far, he is a no-show.  He is reportedly re-considering his commitment to Sanction U., and is now contemplating Miami and Ohio State.  Allegedly, he is not happy that Kiffin promised him that there would be no Sanctions.  And allegedly (this story has a lot of allegedly’s), usc is telling him that they will NOT grant him the release that he desires.  That part of the story is really hazy, because it was previously reported that Henderson did not complete a standard commitment, leaving himself an exit strategy, in case he changed his mind, where he would not NEED a release.  Also, this part of the story may be MOOT.  Kiffin has already sent his Daddy and another Coach to Henderson’s locale, in order to “re-recruit” him.  Chances are that they will feed him more bs, this time about the guaranteed success of their Appeal, and he will eat it up.  A guy who chose usc despite the dark cloud of NCAA investigations is not going to be the brightest bulb on the marquee, and will probably be gullible enough to swallow another trojan load.

When Seantrel finally reaches Fig Tech, one guy he WON’T see is Running Backs Coach Todd McNair.  The trojan Assistant Coach with the Dogfighting past is no longer a member of the trojan nation.  His contract expired on June 30, and was not renewed.  In response to rampant speculation about the timing of the dismissal, usc claims that June 30th is the end of the fiscal year, when most contracts expire, so it is common for employees to lose their jobs at this time.  But skeptics believe otherwise.  Scott Wolf asks:  If McNair was going to be fired before next season, why not do it when the two other terminated coaches got canned?  Why wait until after the Sanctions were announced?

The train of thought is that usc kept him on payroll so that he wouldn’t TURN on them and divulge sensitive information to the NCAA.  But the NCAA nailed usc, based partially on McNair’s direct involvement with Reggie Bush and his Agents, and also based partially on the LIES and the cover-up attempt perpetrated by McNair.  The trojans were so mad at McNair (for lying badly?), that they fired him as soon as they could, right after they got their Appeal in order.

And Wolf suggests that McNair will NOT turn on his suddenly-former employer NOW, because he is desperately trying to rebuild his image into someone who could be hired by another school or team.  He should probably look at the Pro’s because he is banned by the NCAA from Recruiting for one year — no matter where he works.  And what College would want a Running Backs Coach that couldn’t even talk to the hottest High School Tailback in the Country?  Can’t Pete Carroll throw him a bone in Seattle?  Wait — Don’t say “throw him a bone” to a Dogfighting guy.


Now, just a few personal notes: 

#1:   How about that Vlad Gurerrero?  Two Home Runs including a Grand Slam in one game against the Angels this week, leading the All-Star Vote at DH, near the Top of the League in Home Runs, RBI, and Batting Average, leading his Rangers to an 11-game Winning Streak and 1st Place, and batting about .417 against Lefties.  The reason why I bring it up?  Because last year during the Playoffs, while Guerrero was battling injuries, some people said that he was washed up.  I disagreed.  Then the Angels decided he was washed up, and let him go to a Division Rival.  I disagreed again.  Vehemently.  In general, I feel that GLOATING is a solely trojan activity, but I made an exception after 13-9, and I’m making another one now:  I was right about Vlad, and the naysayers were flat-out wrong.

 #2:  I haven’t commented on the recent legal trouble in Westwood, because it pisses me off, and because I think that shamelessly pro-Bruin Press should downplay crap like that.  But just for the record, I think the punishment was swift and impactful, but I think it should be permanent.  At least it is more stringent than anything usc would have ever doled out.  But unless it is proven that one of them was not really “involved,” but just “present,” I’d prefer for all of them to be removed from the Bruin family.

#3:  How about my old friend Mel Gibson?  I have taken Mel (and his father) to task for his being a Holocaust Denier, and everyone knows about his anti-Semitic outburst at the Malibu Police.  But now there is a tape that seems to prove that the Malibu incident was NOT just the alcohol talking.  As I wrote back then, alcohol doesn’t make you hate Jews, it just makes it harder to keep a secret.  And it doesn’t make you lose respect for Blacks and Women — the credit belongs all to Mel himself.

Apparently, his now-estranged ex-girlfriend (and Mother to his Child) TAPED him once while he was on a disgusting tirade.  He allegedly said SOMETHING LIKE that she was dressed like a fat pig c*nt, and it would be her own fault if she went out and got Raped by a band of Ni**ers.  Women, Jews and Blacks should join together, and boycott the Hell out of whatever movie Gibson does next.      



  1. UCLADal Avatar

    It’s too bad White can’t get it together. Except when he was doing it against us, I liked watching him play and figured he’d have a successful NFL career. Sounds like he along with plenty of his teammates have a lot of growing up to do. IMO, pot isn’t a big deal except if your employer says you can’t do it and will test for it, you might want to find another vice. He did say he quit drinking Patron tequila. That sounds like the smartest thing he’s done so far.

    As for Mel Gibsonl, I read about this the other day. He really is a disgusting person. It’s too bad because I like some of his movies especially the first Lethal Weapon. Hopefully Mel hasn’t blown all of his cash because his work opportunities will probably become more limited than they already are.