Nice somersault, Reggie.  Too bad it’s about to be stricken from History.

It takes the cake that Lake the Flake will make or break “Mr. Quake, Shake, & Bake,” with a wake at stake, for Pete’s sake

If it sounds too good to be true, that’s probably because it is.  So don’t get your hopes up yet, but…REGGIE BUSH HAS FINALLY BEEN SUED, for taking over a quarter of a million dollars, starting in 2004 while a Sophomore at sc.  On top of suing Bush, Lloyd Lake is also GOING TO THE NCAA on Friday, to turn over HARD EVIDENCE that proves his claims.

If Lloyd is proved to be telling the truth, the NCAA will declare Bush ineligible for the second half of the 2004 season, and for the entire 2005 season, and usc will be forced to forfeit all of the wins in which Bush participated during that time.

Lloyd says that he personally delivered payments to Reggie, which had to be in cash to “avoid NCAA scrutiny.”  Better yet, Lake says that he has documents in Reggie’s handwriting (or with Reggie’s signature) that admit that Reggie was going to take care of Lake for giving him all this loot.  Lake also says that he can prove that Bush took money from other people as well, which was forbidden by his illegal deal with Lake, and that is another reason why Lake is suing.

It sure looks like Reggie is Toast.  The Heisman Committee will be forced – by rule – to rescind Bush’s Award, and demand the trophy back.  Hopefully, it will go to Vince Young, who can keep it where current teammate and ex-trojan LenDale White can see it.  White probably already couldn’t stand Bush, and now that all his College Team’s exploits are about to be completely tainted and erased from the Record Books because of Bush, he probably really hates him.

Remember years ago when we joked about Reggie’s fancy, pimped-out vehicle?  It turns out that he allegedly had a Chevy Impala SS – illegally supplied to him – and then he demanded another 4 Grand to trick it out.  Can you believe that all our crazed rantings back then WEREN’T just sour grapes, but actually, the TRUTH, that the NCAA is finally about to grasp, and act on?  What a coincidence that they are just getting the info they need, right after sc dropped out of the top 10 for the first time since Bush was there, and is no longer the NCAA Cash Cow that they have been for 5 years.  That Oregon loss might end up giving them another 20 losses.

And as the Fall of Troy continues, 600th-year Senior Hershel Dennis is now showing his trojan Class, by whining to the Media about his lack of Playing Time.  How deluded can you get?  We’ve seen what he can do — not the Rape accusation, we mean on the field — And that guy couldn’t carry Joe McKnight’s jock, or the jocks of any of the other younger guys, for that matter.  But when your team is severely underachieving, Chemistry is the first thing to go.  And why be surprised that a guy who’s been a trojan for longer than anyone else on the team would be one of the bigget self-absorbed whiners on the team?

And speaking of whiners at sc, Basketball Coach Tim Floyd, who, just like Pete Carroll, can’t utter the letters “UCLA” in an interview, admitted to the Media that because of UCLA’s dominance, and sc’s obsession with it’s Gridiron Gangbangers, usc’s Basketball Program is nothing more than an “afterthought.”  That’s the most accurate thing said by an sc Coach in years, maybe since Asst. Football Coach Todd McNair told his old Dog Fighting buddies that it’s a Dog Eat Dog World.

So, as Reggie is about to hit the fan, his predecessor as usc’s Favorite Son, O.J. Simpson, has also got his balls to the wall.  The final accomplice in the Armed Robbery has now pled guilty and agreed to testify against the Juice.  How long until O.J. is back on the phone to A.C., and back on the 405 in his Bronco, headed to Mexico, or Canada, or some other place where they are bound to just send him back anyway?  He’s like a registered sex offender — Nobody wants him in their neighborhood.  Maybe Conan put it best tonight, when talking about the latest accomplice to roll, saying that O.J. said:  “I’m going to search for the Real Killer, who’s about to kill THAT guy.”

Nice to know that every night, the whole Country is laughing derisively at usc’s #1 Hero.  And Reggie Bush is about to be the butt of the next ten years of late-night monologues.  The night after Bush undergoes his “Heismanectomy,” WE will be the ones in stitches, and calling for a Doctor to see if he can remove the smiles from our faces.

Now we’d like to BADLY paraphrase Steely Dan, in honor of Lake’s appointment with the NCAA scheduled for this FRIDAY:  “When Black Friday comes, Reggie’s gonna collect everything he’s owed, and before his friends find out, he’ll be on the road.  He’s gonna strike all the big red words from his little black book, then he’s gonna dig himself a hole, and lay down in it, but WE’RE the ones who’ll have satisfied souls.  When Black Friday comes, he’s gonna stake his claim, and maybe change his name.”  Sorry, but we’ve loved that song for many, many years.

And one final thought:  People thought that Lake’s threat of a lawsuit was to persuade/coerce Bush to settle with him out of court, which would have also given Bush the ability to slap Lake with a Confidentiality Agreement, preventing him from talking to the NCAA.  Apparently, Bush could give a flying f*ck about what happens to usc, and he figures that the NCAA can’t bother HIM personally, so why throw any money at Lake, just to keep sc out of the Shame Spotlight?  So?  We’ll see YOU in Court.   



  1. Woochifer Avatar

    “Heismanectomy”?! Are you kidding me? Best one-word one-liner I’ve read in a long time!

    Go Bruins! Four-in-a-row over the trojans!

  2. Daniel Wayne Avatar
    Daniel Wayne

    stories abouts R. Bush have been around for two plus years why hasn”t the NCAA done anything until some one goes knocking on their door? Also do you think the NCAA is protecting sc?

  3. admin Avatar

    Dear Dan,

    YES, they are protecting sc. CORRECTION: Make that: They WERE protecting sc. But not any more. What’s the point of protecting a sinking ship?

  4. Rick Avatar

    Reggie lied
    sc will be crucified
    They’ll be on the other side of no tomorrow…

  5. Fox 71 Avatar
    Fox 71

    Re Protecting justsc

    First of all, it’s painfully obvious that the NCAA has assigned Inspector Clouseau to investigate justsc. Jeez – Yahoo already made the case. Just drop the bomb and it’s over. But obviously that hasn’t happened. I have heard from lots of sources that the NCAA is indeed protecting justsc because it’s a cash cow for the NCAA. Is this true? Does the NCAA get more money from justsc than it does from UCLA or UCSB or someone else? And what would be the motivation for the NCAA to protect justsc.

    I know it’s happening. I just can’t figure out why. It’s not like there has ever been a big secret about justsc paying its athletes. That goes back to the days of John McKay and Marv Goux handling all the payoffs. That’s well documented, and also well-ignored by the NCAA. Why on earth would that bunch of thugs deserve that much forgiveness and looking the other way from the NCAA?

  6. BW Avatar

    Talk about protection, Marinovich has 9 prior arrest for drugs related charges and yet he’s still skateboarding in the street. How about some prison times instead of 5 years of probation?

  7. Daniel Wayne Avatar
    Daniel Wayne

    I just read in Yahoo Sports that if R.Bush writes a check to Mr. Lake for monies owed Mr.Lake before friday”s meeting with the NCAA this whole thing stops is this true?

  8. Stormin Norman Avatar
    Stormin Norman

    About Damn Time !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. admin Avatar

    Dear EVERYONE:

    1) YES, we think the NCAA has been ignoring sc’s obvious and blatant violations, because they don’t want to taint the image of a recently “successful” team. They were the poster boys for the Sport, and the NCAA makes more money as public support grows (through TV viewership, merchandising, etc.). They consider a black eye for sc as a black eye for the NCAA. But NOW, with sc sinking faster than the Titanic, and with the evidence about to be placed right in their faces, they’ll have no choice but to act.


    2) YES, we believe that with one stoke of his pen, Bush could end this whole thing before it ever gets started. The big meeting has already been pushed back to next week, so Reggie has plenty of time to whip out his diamond-studded checkbook and buy Lloyd Lake off. And YES, that is probably what is going to happen, although Bush’s people have insinuated that he doesn’t care about sc or the Heisman, as long as he’s still rolling in the dough, so maybe, just maybe, he’ll let sc go down in flames.

  10. Josephine Bruin Avatar
    Josephine Bruin

    Let’s hope Bush doesn’t pay lake off – and SC GOES DOWN!!!!

  11. Daniel Wayne Avatar
    Daniel Wayne

    Can anyone give me an up date on the scheduled meeting with Mr. Lloyd Lake and the NCAA? Has it already taken place or not. Please keep me posted. Thanks. GO BRUINS.

  12. admin Avatar

    DW —

    The L.A. Times is reporting that the meeting DID INDEED take place, and it continued well into the night, but no one is releasing any other information about it…yet.