A League That We Own — Two UCLA players are instrumental in their NFL Teams’ victories this weekend, while several ex-trojan heroes are goats in their teams’ unexpected losses

It’s probably just a coincidence, but after a week where trojan pride was at an all time low, a bunch of ex-trojans sabotaged their respective Pro teams, preventing them from getting wins on Sunday.  On Saturday, u$c “rebounded” from firing their alcoholic Head Coach, by choking away a late lead against Rival Notre Dame, and on Sunday, the trojan carnage continued.

Former trojan star Carson Palmer was leading his favored Arizona Cardinals on a game-winning drive in Pittsburgh, when he threw a horrible interception in the Steeler end zone with less than 3 minutes left, to end the threat.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, the lowly 49ers and their lowly QB Colin Kaepernik were able to exploit ex-trojan Defensive Back Shareece Wright for not one, but TWO Touchdown strikes, including one for SEVENTY-SIX yards.  Baltimore had their chances to win, but it didn’t help when former trojan Running Back Buck Allen missed a pass intended for him in the 3rd quarter.  The ball ended up getting picked, helping SF maintain their 10 point lead just as the Ravens were coming back.  The Niners ended up winning by only 5.

Baltimore now drops to 1-5 on the season.  Wright is one of the main reasons that Baltimore is ranked a putrid 27th in Pass Defense.  On Offense, Allen has carried 30 times, but has yet to see the end zone.  FOUR other Ravens have rushed for TD’s this season, including the QB… but not Allen.

On Sunday afternoon, another infamous Football figure, who is synonymous with u$c, also went home unhappy:  Pete Carroll led his Seahawks to their second-straight come-from-ahead embarrassing upset loss.  This time, they blew a 9-point 4th quarter lead AT HOME, to Carolina, when the Panthers completed a last-minute desperation deep pass, despite the whole world KNOWING that that’s what they had to do.  The crushing defeat drops uber-talented Seattle to a pathetic 2-4 on the year.  With the Seahawks looking so poorly-coached right now, and with SC coach-less, the inevitable was broached:  Will the trojans seek a return of Carroll to Figueroa Tech?  In answer to this query, Carroll said:  “That’s not happening!”  Sorry trojan fans.  I know that just like the trojans in that weak-ass 30-for-30 puff piece of trojan propaganda, you would all love to have him back, to continue cheating, breaking all the recruiting and illegal benefits rules, and shooting up his players with steroids, just to get some wins that would undoubtedly have to be vacated down the road.

And while the trojans were clowning around in the NFL, costing their franchises important W’s, a couple of Bruins were doing just the opposite.  In Minnesota, Bruin Eric Kendricks led all players with 10 Tackles (9 solo) and a sack, as the Vikings (who have 5 Bruins on their roster) held the Chiefs to just 10 points in a 16-10 victory.

And in Green Bay, the heavily-favored Packers got all they could handle from the pass-happy Chargers, who gained about 500 yards through the air, and were knocking on the door at the end, down by only 7.  But they tried to trip up GB with a running play, only it didn’t trick Bruin Datone Jones, who stuffed the play for a 1-yard loss.  That caused San Diego to force one last desperation pass on 4th Down, which was knocked away, preserving the 27-20 triumph for the Pack.

Congrats to all the victorious Bruins!  Hopefully the current Bruin team will find inspiration from the successful Bruin Pro’s, and stop the bleeding of their 2-game losing streak, by beating Cal at the Rose Bowl on Thursday night.

And while you wait for that event, here are 44 more photos of the illustrious UCLA Spirit Squad.