Ex-trojan Everson Griffen gets busted (again) for allegedly driving without a license, running away from Police, and attending (to) the Policeman’s Balls

Did Pete Carroll just have the talent to RECOGNIZE this kind of “character” in a recruit, or did he DEVELOP it?  Once again, a Carroll-groomed ex-trojan has run afoul of the Law, as Defensive End Everson Griffen was arrested by L.A. Cops yesterday.  For Griffen, this is the SECOND time that he has been pinched by the Police, and apparently he decided to return the favor.  The L.A. Times reports that after Griffen was caught, he grabbed the crotch of one of the arresting officers.  (He must have really been “arresting,” to inspire this kind of man-love).  Maybe Griffen really believes that usc “owns the LAPD?”

Back in 2009, Griffen was cited by Police in Nantucket (“There was a young man in Nantucket…”) for a “noise violation.”  No charges were filed, but it appears that Griffen was temporarily incarcerated, because yesterday, while trying to evade arrest, he allegedly declared that he did not want to go BACK to jail.  You would think that a guy who likes to grab other men’s junk would ENJOY being in jail.  [There is also reportedly a story from TMZ that Griffen got arrested on Saturday night for public drunkenness, so maybe that’s the jail time that he didn’t like.]

On Monday, Griffen was stopped for a traffic violation near his old South Central campus.  No big deal, except that Griffen DIDN’T HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE.  When the cops discovered that fact, Griffen took off.  Of course, Defensive Ends aren’t exactly known for their foot speed, so it didn’t take long for the Officers to catch up with him and tackle him.  But Griffen still wouldn’t cooperate.  He assaulted the Cops, and grabbed one of the cop’s billy clubs (and I don’t mean that big black pole that they wear on their belts).

While Everson had a hold of the Cop’s penis and scrotum, the Police had no choice but to TASER him into submission.  The Stun Gun worked, and Griffen was taken into custody.  But:  COPS OF L.A. — Guard your testicles — Because Griffen has already been released.  He just posted $50,000 for bail, and is now on the loose, and most likely, holding a… grudge.

Griffen is currently a member of the Minnesota Vikings, who are infamous for their “Sex Boat” antics, and for Bret Favre sexting out photos of HIS penis.  No wonder they drafted Griffen — He must fit right in.  He had a whopping total of ELEVEN tackles for the entire season, unless you want to count the tackle that he RECEIVED on Monday.  He’ll get more than 11 next year, unless he gets suspended by the NFL for the whole year.  But chances are, assaulting a Police Officer does not qualify as a serious crime, when it comes to NFL (or ex-trOJan) standards, so he’ll probably just be banned for about 4 games.  And if Pete Carroll were Commissioner, it would be the 4 PRE-SEASON games.

As for going back to jail, I bet he gets off with a slap on the wrist, as he uses his NFL celebrity (or trojan alumni power [$$$]) to skate.  And I’d be amazed if he shows any remorse at all.  Instead, he’ll probably follow Mark Sanchez’ lead, and exhibit some typical trojan class after he is exonerated, by wiping a booger on the Judge’s robe.