Spiking interest in Beach Volleyball.

Spiking more interest in Beach Volleyball.

Bruin Superstar Elaine Youngs and partner Nicole Branagh take Manhattan Beach Open, against a team made up entirely of Bruins

It was inevitable:  At least one Bruin had to go away empty-handed from the Manhattan Beach Open Finals.  The favorites were led by 39-year old legend Elaine “E.Y.” Youngs, who was going for her 48th Career Tounament Championship, which would place her 7th on the All-Time list.  EY’s parter Nicole Branagh has been helping the pair dominate for the last three years, and that didn’t change this weekend.

To cap off a gorgeous weekend in Manhattan Beach with a Trophy, EY and Nicole had to best an all-Bruin team of Annett Davis (how cool is it for a Volleyball player to be named “Annett?”) and Bruin Hero Rafer Johnson’s daughter Jennie Johnson Jordan.  But Youngs showed no mercy to her fellow Bruins, as they swept the match, 21-17, 21-14.

There was a Bruin in the Men’s Final as well — Kevin Wong — but like Davis and Johnson, fell just short of the Title.

But knowing MOST OF YOU as I do, you barely care about any of this, and are already scanning the photos.  Please enjoy these 18 photos from this weekend’s Tournament, of Volleyball Action, Alcohol Company Models, and the AVP Dance Team.    

39 years Youngs.

When you photograph sand, is “grainy” still a bad thing?

Not-so-New Kid on the Block.

Each point you get against an EY team is worth celebrating.

No shame in being dispatched by the best.

The point is, just qualifying for the Super Bowl of Beach Volleyball is admirable.

What’s Volleyball without Malibu Rum and the Malibu Rum Girls?

Not to mention the Bud Light Girls.

Shouldn’t the Bud Light Girls HAVE to drink Bud Light on the job?

And who wouldn’t want to play Ring Toss with a Malibu Rum Girl who’s plastered on Malibu Rum?

And welcome to the 21st Century, AVP.

The AVP Girls may become more popular than the AVP.

The Laker Girls changed the World.

They were so impressive, I wonder if Mollie was a consultant.

Is that Blond a former Bruin?  She sure looks familiar.

Maybe some of your Bruin faves will show up on the AVP Girl squad.

Love the wardrobe…They probably shouldn’t perform in bikinis — It’s a family crowd.

And there’s nothing I love more than good, old-fashioned, wholesome, family entertainment.


4 responses to “ONLY THE GOOD DIE (VS) YOUNGS”

  1. Bruincivil Avatar

    T-H: Where are the photos of Jenny Johnson Jordan?

    Great post!

    [T-H’s Note: Sorry — She wasn’t playing at the time I was there.]

  2. RR Avatar

    Damn, last girl kinda looks like Brianna. In other words, she’s hot.

  3. James Avatar

    Hey, this is totally un related to this post, but I was on the UCLA site and saw the item on the Jordan Farmar Foundation. Given all the freaking hose bag, thug, jail bird athletes at USC….you might want to make a post about the great things UCLA athletes (former, in this case) are doing within the community. Plus, I know you’re a big Laker fan, so that’s just an added bonus. See link…

    Great site…..always enjoy dumping on USC.

    J. A.

  4. JosephineBruin Avatar

    AVP rocks. I was there the frist day in Manhattan Beach.
    Hermosa AVP is this coming weekend.