Kiddie SCorn:  Coliseum Commissioner receives dozens of threatening phone calls from usc fans, including one threatening harm to his “3 little girls;”  That caller could be teaching “Negotiation 101” at sc in the Fall, with his phone displayed next to O.J.’s jersey in the Coliseum bleachers

Okay, Okay, trOJans — You win.  You can have the game.  Just please don’t kidnap or kill our family members, okay?

Every now and then, albeit rarely, something occurs that puts Football Rivalries into perspective.  Talk about perfect timing…  Today, on the eve of what should have been a big game, it was revealed that three small children are currently fearing for their lives, thanks to the trOJan mentality that thinks that ANYTHING is okay if it helps you win a Football game… or keep a festering urine bowl as your Gridiron Home.

We won’t use the Commish’s real name here (why add further unwanted  publicity), but we do have something that we’d like to say to him:

Welcome to OUR World.

We received our first death threat from a die-hard trojan fan several years ago, just a few months after we went online.  And it wasn’t the last.  Despite the threats of filters and FBI involvement, we STILL receive feedback from these trojans, and we’re sure these same people are SOME of the ones who are tormenting the poor Commish’s family.

The caller that is being singled out said that he understands that the Commish has a Wife, and three little girls.  Is this the most digusting act that you have ever heard of in relation to a Football field?  And that includes this year’s Miami Dolphins.  We sincerely hope that the FBI tracks these a-holes down and throws them in jail.  Wonder how those cowards would be welcomed into prison society.

The obvious argument that YOU TROJANS will offer to this is that every school has a lunatic fringe, and that you can’t judge ALL trOJans by the acts of a few.  Well, actually, YES WE CAN.  You see, we’re a satirical website, not a Court of Law.  And besides that, the number of fans whom you’ll claim are the exception to the rule, is a MUCH larger percentage than you’d care to admit.  We saved all the letters (and e-mail addresses) if you care to debate further.  The sheer volume will floor you.

While we sincerely regret any hardship that this poor family is now enduring, we can’t help but take some solace, in that we have finally gotten some validation — For years we have been telling people about the trOJan win-at-ANY-cost attitude, and all the Death Threats that we get, and no one ever takes it seriously (except the FBI), but now even the L.A. Times found this pattern of trojan attacks Newsworthy.  It’s not just some whack job, nor just an isolated incident.

Speaking of whack jobs, here, as promised, are the rest of the shots from the Bonfire that weren’t too blurry (night-shooting is tough!) of the girls about whom we are just wacky.  No special hidden captions this time, as they absolutely speak for themselves.   When you see them holding the big Awards, you can make your own “Future Trophy Wife” jokes, and realize that there is no beauty or talent contest that these girls wouldn’t dominate.   And one last crucial reminder:  As always, you can ZOOM IN by clicking on the photos.