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You’ve heard of the “Elite Eight?”  Well this is the “Fine Nine,” and, of course, they are dressed to the Nines.

Phil Jackson’s switch in time saves Nine:  In for Fish, Farmar seeds Cloud Nine, and Nine-fingered Kobe rains whole Nine yards on Portland, as Lakers’ Gathering Storm has now left Nine straight thunderstruck foes strewn in its path of destruction, and could soon cause a Title Wave in L.A. 

As the Drug Counselors in Dusseldorf often urge:  Just say “Nein.”

Thanks to a career high-tying 21 Points by Bruin Jordan Farmar, the battered Los Angeles Lakers have just won an amazing NINE straight games.  Phil Jackson gave the Lakers’ reins to Farmar last night, after watching Derek Fisher struggle on a rare off-night, while the Blazers took a 15-point lead.  But in the 24 minutes that Farmar was on the floor, the Lakers outscored Portland by a whopping THIRTY-TWO Points, plenty to win going away, 96-83.

Farmar was instrumental, with his 8-for-10 shooting including 4 Three’s, but Kobe was the MVP.  Despite his injured pinkie, Bryant poured in 30 Points, including 11 in the decisive 4th Quarter, which the Lakers started, trailing the Blazers by 2.  After the game, Bryant credited Farmar and the Laker reserves, calling them the Best Bench in the NBA.  The only other two Laker Subs last night were Ronny Turiaf and Sasha Vujacic, but Kobe’s comment takes into consideration that the Lakers will soon be adding injured Andrew Bynum and Bruin Trevor Ariza back into their rotation.  At THAT point, the Lakers will be heralded as one of the League’s Deepest teams, with overnight sensation Farmar cited as the Prized Jewel.

Just a few months ago, no one gave the Lakers a chance to win it all any time soon.  But now, in the wake of this impressive winning streak, they have suddenly become the Betting Favorite for this year’s NBA Crown.  Making it even better is that if the betting public is correct, it is the hated rival Boston Celtics who will fall to the Lakers in the Finals.

Now what could be better than that?  The Boston area has had enough success lately, with the Bosox, Celtics, Boston College (for a while) and Patriots, so it would be great to see the Celtics get all the way to the Finals, just to choke to the Lakers, while the lingering anguish of the Patriots’ Super Bowl Choke is still festering in Boston Fans’ souls. 

And it could get MUCH better — How about if the Laker Title comes a couple of months after a UCLA Title?  Two Championships in Basketball, in one City, at the same time?  With former #1 Tennessee losing to Vanderbilt last night, the Bruins are back in the hunt to be #1 by the time March Madness starts, and possibly, the #1 choice of gamblers (and Bracket Poolers) as well.  So maybe a Title Wave really could hit the shores of L.A. this year.  Now if only a Tidal Wave could take out the sc campus — That place could really use a cleansing.

And now, are you ready (or naut) for the third and final wave of pics from the Duck hunt?  We’ve been told that we are three waves short of a shipwreck, and the way Josh Shipp has been shooting three’s lately, we may have to go three sheets to the wind, while pondering what went wrong with our Double L.A. Champs talk.  But when it comes to the photos you love, we will always have a full boat.  And here are 16 more to bouy your Spirits,  float your boat, and with any luck, ring your dinghy.  Arrrrggghhh!!!

Unlike the Lakers, this line-up needs no tinkering

Now HERE’S an Elite Eight that UCLA is proud of.

Dancing Days are Here Again for L.A. Basketball fans, and it has nothing to do with O.J. Mayo

In a way, this man is responsible for the Lakers’ quick ascent.

Check out the Marine-like intensity in the eyes of the beauty-(be)holder.

THESE Black uni’s looked a heck of a lot better than the ones that the Duck players wore

Waves of pleasure

It’s the GOOD kind of rolling Blackout.

Dance Party, UCLA

Flat Stanley’s Finest Hour!

Can you believe “Kobe and Jordan” are the duo that Phil Jackson may ride to another Ring?

“This thing says that Jordan scored 21, that the Lakers lead the Conference, and that it’s madly in love with me.”

Can we order ala CART?

Oops — One of the girls spotted us.  So much for being inconspicuous.  But as usual, she gave us a nice smile, and not a dirty look.

If we got you any closer, you’d be behind her.

There is no way that this little girl could find a better Role Model, even if she circled the Globe nine times.

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    Wow!! I don’t think I blinked once, thank you making sure MY KATIE (LOL) appeared in most of those breath-taking shots.

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