The UCLA Spirit Dynasty remains Unbeatable despite Turnover, and the Football Team remains Unbeaten despite Turnovers

For 50% of College Football fans, it’s a lovely time of year.  After the first week of the season, half of the teams are undefeated.  The number will decrease dramatically this Saturday, with the Bruins expected to be part of that decrease.  UCLA is a 7.5-point Underdog at Tennessee, who is Coached by  ex-trojan Coach Lane Kiffin.  The Bruins beat the Vols in OT last year, but are expected to struggle behind a Freshman QB playing in front of his first hostile crowd,,, of about 95,000 intense, enemy fans.

With most games, it comes down to Turnovers.  If not for three Interceptions and a Blocked Kick returned for six, the Aztecs might not have gone down so quietly.   The Bruins have to control the ball to have a chance in Knoxville.  They won’t have room for fumbled snaps or for kneeing the ball out of their own hands.  But barring a bad Turnover discrepancy, I’d like to think that Neuheisel and Chow can outcoach Kiffin, and bring the Bruins home winners, and still undefeated.

Speaking of Undefeated, the vaunted Bruin Spirit Squad suffered some grave losses over the break, and we miss the departed, severely.  That being said, their replacements have been selected with obvious care and consideration, and it looks like the batons can be passed with the peace of mind that the Legacy, and future, of  the UCLA Spirit Squad is still in good hands.

Here are another dozen Cheer shots from Saturday, with more on the way.

I know that you want names, but I’m still learning them, and don’t want to mis-identify.  Be patient, or check the Official Site.

Hey Steve — Are you specifically NOT wearing orange this week?

You know who’s coming back after auditions, but it doesn’t sink in until opening day.

Common problem for girls of this caliber?  Naked man following them around.

The Sweet Innocence of the beginning of a season.

Autumn is all about changing color, but sometimes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Sometimes I like change, sometimes, I wouldn’t change a thing.


It’s nice to bring so much happiness to a few people.

No truth to the rumor that Neuheisel demanded an all-BLOND Spirit Squad.

Admission to pre-game rally:  $0.  Film for digital camera:  $0.  Reading all the requests for “the rest” of this photo:  Priceless.

I usually don’t like red on that field unless it’s SCum blood, but I’ll make an exception here.



6 responses to “NEU RULES!”

  1. jp Avatar

    Rachel and Nicolette are my picks for future Hall of Famers. Great job, Mollie.

  2. justin Avatar

    I like Jenna, She’s really pretty… I saw her in person on saturday at the game, and she is a complete beauty. I’m also glad that Bri, Katie, Michelle and Elise are back…. If someone is going to show the new girls how it’s done, these 4 beauties are gonna do it… Great pictures T-H

  3. Bob Avatar

    A bit off from last year, but still OK. I don’t think it’s possible to have “exceptional” every year.

  4. Robert Avatar

    All I’m gonna say is…the day I don’t see Michelle, Katie, Elise, and Brianna, I’m gonna be one sad Bruin Fan. At the current pace, within 1 year the USC song girls will overtake our Dance Team, and they will be getting all the attention. Sorry, but the bar has been set too high for the past 5 years and it looks as though we’re not “reloading” mode but rather “rebuilding” mode. Let’s just enjoy the present team. :`(

  5. jp Avatar

    I do have to say, I have always loved having a small, yet very elite team. The 9 member team has always allowed the standard to stay very high.

    The Song Girls have had jumbo-sized squads the past few years. Their strategy is to have 2 decent members carrying 10 stragglers. And they have gotten A LOT of flack for the decline of their squads. I know their fans have been angry and frustrated, to say the least, with the squads they’ve been getting.

    And if anyone noticed this year, they’ve reduced their squad to 10 members…the lowest number they’ve had in years. It seems like they’re copying the previous UCLA Dance Team strategy.

    [T-H’s Note: I BELIEVE that the increase in size of the UCLA Dance Team was instituted in order to make it easier to “split” the Squad. Now, when they send “half the Squad” to one event and the other half to another event, the events will get teams of FIVE and SIX, instead of FOUR and FIVE. That makes a big difference in terms of choreography and overall effect.]