Absolut Krusty — Just several weeks after drunkenly humiliating himself and his “school” at a rally, Clown College Coach Steve Sarkisian “allegedly” shows up drunk to practice, is escorted off campus, and forced to take an indefinite leave of absence from his beleaguered u$c Football team

After the trojans’ embarrassing upset loss to Washington on Thursday night, I said “Sarkiss him goodbye.”  Little did I know that u$c really WOULD kiss him goodbye.  But on Sunday, after Steve Sarkisian showed up to work “lit,” it was determined that he was in no shape to coach, and needed to be kicked off University grounds.  Pat Haden subsequently announced the Sarkisian is NOT HEALTHY, and is hereby relieved of his duties as head of the Clown College Football team, at least temporarily.  Of course if you think he will EVER be back on the trojan sideline, you are seriously fooling yourself.  Even if Sark goes to rehab and cleans up, the pathetic loss against Washington will preclude him from returning to his position.

One of Sark’s Assistants has been named interim head coach, and the trojans are certainly searching for a permanent replacement.  Supposedly, they are eyeballing Chip Kelly, but why would Kelly leave the Eagles?  They killed the Saints today, and seem to be turning around their season in a good way.  But maybe Pete Carroll will be available, after his Seahawks choked away a 17-point 4th quarter lead in Cincinnati today, on their way to their third loss of the young season.

One other note I need to mention today:  Some people are calling Chase Utley’s slide in the Dodger game last night a dirty play.  Anyone who says this is a freaking idiot, who does not understand how Baseball is played.  UCLA product Utley broke up a double-play, in perfect, textbook form.  It was a brilliant play, that basically SAVED the Dodgers’ entire season.  Utley had absolutely NO intent to injure the Met player, who sadly suffered a broken leg.  Even the Mets Manager takes no issue with the play, or the review of the play.  Anyone old enough to remember Pete Rose’s playing days knows that this was a clean play, done just the way you are taught to do it.  Anyone who argues otherwise is simply clueless.

[UPDATED:  Ridiculous suspension has been handed down.  Baseball experts are calling this absurd.  Reviews called him SAFE.  This is an organization over-reacting to an injury.  According to so many Major League players and the main analyst (and former player) on Fox:  “This is Playoff Baseball.  If you want to change the rule…”  …do it during the offseason!!!!  This suspension is totally uncalled for.]


3 responses to “LUSH HOUR 2”

  1. JC Avatar

    Damnit! Now seven is going to get fired soon!

  2. tswenson Avatar

    I feel sorry for Sark and hope he gets the help he needs. St. Pat is a real jerk and I feel will fire Sark if he isn’t looking for a new coach already. Can’t stand HADEN!

  3. JC Avatar

    One day later, seven is gone. I WON’T drink to that!