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Kevin giving out some Unconditional Love

We can’t be specific, but this could be one of our all-time favorite, heart-melting photos.  We start to fall in Love every time we look at it.  And no, let’s not play a Bruin Shuffle guessing game — It would end up like a game of Emotional Russian Roulette

RUSS NEVER SLEEPS:  Westy (21 pts) smokes Budinger and U of A with Love (26, 11), sparking an 82-60 stoning on a night of highs and highs including the introduction of Norm Chow (and of NEW SPIRIT UNI’S that made for at least ONE Lovestruck Puppy Dog)

What is this, “The 70’s Show?”  UCLA beating two straight Pac-10 contenders by a combined FIFTY-FIVE Points?  It’s great that John Wooden was in attendance (as well as ESPN for a National Primetime Telecast) to see the Bruins put on a performance worthy of the Wooden Dynasty teams that used to win by 30 as a rule.

The 22-point final margin in this game isn’t close to being representative of how the game went down.  The Bruins dominated from the second minute on, stifling the Cats with tight Defense, and working for good shots on Offense to build a quick 19-6 lead.  They were up by 17 soon after, and went to Halftime up by 20.

The Bruins had more energy than Arizona, and got to all the loose balls and stray rebounds.  Kevin Love was able to receive the ball in good position, and he cashed in more often than not.  Darren Collison and Russell Westbrook (who started instead of Aboya) continued to shine, with Darren starting to penetrate as he re-harnesses his legendary quickness, and Russell really getting a feel for the Stop n’ Pop, and for the Stop n’ Dish.  It was Westbrook who kept breaking down the Cats’ not-so-cohesive D.

The Second Half saw the Bruins continue to pull away, building the lead to over 30, almost effortlessly.  They cruised to the finish line, but they did suffer one disappointment:  Luc Richard Mbah a Moute sprained his ankle.  Luckily for UCLA, who really NEEDS Luc for THEIR Defensive cohesiveness, the early reports are calling the sprain “mild,” so his downtime shouldn’t be too long.  Hopefully, he’ll be back for the big Rematch.

Speaking of the Darkside, if any trOJans were watching the game on ESPN, they must have really been depressed when Rick Neuheisel and his new Staff of Norm Chow and DeWayne Walker were being lauded.   The three of them garnered HUGE APPLAUSE when they took the stage at Pauley on Saturday Night.  Rick was rousing, and Walker and Chow both echoed that same enthusiasm and, believe it or not, Bruin Pride.  You could literally feel how many Bruin Basketball fans were now excited about UCLA Football, LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

And speaking of exciting, the UCLA Spirit Squad unveiled new uniforms on Saturday.  You can see them for yourselves below, but we’ll just say that we think they are excellent.  Gorgeous, classy, elegant, but not un-sexy, with pure-as-the-driven-snow White as the main color, with a light blue thick-stripe trim that has a sort of wholesome feel.  There is a small Script Ucla logo on the front, but not too big as to have the costume detract from the natural beauty that is contained within.  And, it’s as if each outfit was tailor-made for the specific body which it  now adorns, by a little old bearded Jewish tailor with a piece of chalk behind his ear, marking every seam to make them look so smooth that sometimes they look painted on.  Okay, maybe that goes too far — Let’s just say the girls look like they were “poured” into the dresses.  Remember our photos of that Vegas Chocolate Fountain?  Yeah, like that.

Well, that wasn’t “a thousand words,” but we’re sure that you’d rather that we “just get to the photos,” so with no further ado…  Wait — Make that “with just a little further ado” because we have to remind you to MOUSE OVER the photos for captions, and click on them to enlarge them.  The closer you get, the better they look.  And there will be many, many more posted next week, so if you don’t see anyone you like, wait a day.

  Finally:  A “three-way” that even your Wife can get behind.

When this guy “lends a hand,” a BCS Title is within your grasp.

   It takes Tough Love to train a Cat, and to get 13 Double-Doubles as a Freshman.

DC can feel the Love, while UCLA beats Arizona for the SIXTH STRAIGHT TIME!

Nice Follow-thru:  Maybe confident Westy got his career-high 21 Points because he was inspired by the support of an Angel.

Westbrook has had that effect on a lot of people lately.

Nice FOCUS by the Bruins. It’s all in the eyes (right, Dr. Levy Sr.?).

Bud looks to his Coach for encouragement, and gets a big yawn (deservedly)

It’s no fun sitting injured on the bench, but Mike Roll still enjoys “Roll Call.”

“When you’re K-Love, the whole World’s Bru-ish!”  “Funny, he doesn’t LOOK Bru-ish.”  “Hey, some of our best friends are Bru-ish!”

They should put this image on the Cameroonian Flag (and you should put it on your desktop, in a karmic attempt to help his ankle heal for sc)

(No-Iron) Maiden Voyage:  Like a Virgin, worn for the very first time (to rave reviews and heavy [metal] sighs)

Did you ever see the movie “Sky High?”  Well, this photo shows our HEROES doing “SIDEKICKS.”

P’s on Earth:  Peerless Princesses Present Pauley Pride Perfectly

Now you can see what all our fuss is about.  NICE, huh?

usc football may have thier disgusting Aryan Nation Club, but the Bruins now have “White Power.”

Don’t get us wrong:  We’ve got absolutely no problem with THESE uniforms either.

We refer to K-Love as a Hero, but the REAL HEROES are at Twentynine Palms!!!!!!  For those about to Rock, we salute you.

Digger is a Wink!


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Comments on "LOVESTRUCK ZONA ‘CATS": 8 Comments

  1. Southbaybruin wrote,

    I would have to agree that the new spirit squad uniforms are icing on the cake from my perspective. Not only do we have one of the hottest groups of dancers in NCAA, but then they treat us to cutest wardrobes I can recall them ever wearing… seems to me the stunt squad needs to step it up a bit….

  2. JP wrote,

    Man, our girls are so beautiful! Nice new unis. I still also love the blue ones though. Hopefully, they’ll mix it up on the games and change on the 2nd half.

    But my fave is still the jerseys with the socks. We’re definitely #1 with these girls.

  3. David Webster wrote,


    Thank you for your kind words we appreciate them out here in 29 Palms, California and throughout the world. As you already might know it’s been tough seeing one of our own dressed up in blue-and gold looking like a you know what (Ha Ha). He’s definitely the talk of the base as you can imagine and your pictures are pretty popular (KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK). And as for being hero’s—we’re only doing our duty—“ Semper Fi”…

  4. xavier wrote,

    The new white uni’s for the girls are works of sheer genius. Whoever designed those should be given the Nobel Prize in Cheerleader Uniform Design immediately. I’ve been trying to temper my lust for the UCLA cheerleaders, but all my efforts are for naught now. . .

  5. Brian wrote,

    We can’t believe our eyes! Keeping this story STRAIGHT is hard to do—thanks for all the facts and lovely pictures!!!!!! By the way don’t hesitate to call for reinforcements; you’ve earned our respect.

    Semper Fi!!!

  6. PacificBruin12x wrote,

    Our Dance and Cheer Squad also did the unthinkable at the game – made Erin Andews look like a average looking gal (even with those skin tight pants she was wearing at the game, yowza)…..well, maybe Stan Love might think otherwise….

    btw, Ms. Andrews is a Florida Gator alum….>:(

  7. Robert Carrillo wrote,

    Oregon Ducks’ cheerleader have nothing on our beauties, they are just simply stunning.

  8. cheerleader costume wrote,

    Interestingly, this was on CNN last week.

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