“I’m just a Love Machine…”

KLove is smashing as Bruins gut out ‘Cats 68-66 in back-and-forth match, netting UCLA its 7th straight win over Arizona, who is no longer “The Standard” to whom Tim Floyd aspired

On a day where Kobe goes for 52,  AND, Jason Kidd’s choke allows the Lakers to beat Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks in Overtime, AND, the Bruins beat the trojans in Baseball in front of the talented Southern University Dance Team, it is KEVIN LOVE who steals the spotlight.

In a very tough Road Game against a team fighting for the survival of a TWENTY-THREE-YEAR, Longest-in-the-Nation Streak of NCAA Tournament Appearances,  Kevin Love put the Bruins on his wide shoulders and turned into “The Love Shaq.”  Kevin scored 24 Points and grabbed 15 Rebounds, dominating the Paint as if he were still in High School.  The Bruins finally found ways to get the ball inside, and Kevin did the rest.  He made some good passes out of the Double-Team, but usually, he just went up strong to the hoop – like a young Shaquille O’Neal –  and either made the bucket, got fouled, or both.  And UN-like Shaq, he MADE his Free Throws.

Love was obviously focused on his Offensive Aggressiveness, because you could see his Defense suffer.  At least four times did HIS Man get to the basket for easy hoops (because Kevin was late rotating off a Switch), or swish wide open jumpers, where Kevin was slow or indecisive in getting out into the shooter’s face and challenging the shot.  But it’s hard to be critical of Love right now, as it was his raw desire that kept the Bruins from wilting under the pressure of being down late in the McKale Center.  Despite two other late “mistakes” including a pass out of bounds (maybe the “non-cutter’s” fault?) and dropping what would have been the Game-Winning Rebound out of bounds (because he allowed Russell Westbrook to knock it away?), he was still far and away the Game MVP.  He was constantly cleaning up after other Bruins, making several great plays off of Bruin misses.

But don’t get the wrong idea:  We said that he “carried” the team, but he did NOT win the game single-handedly.  Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, who is still struggling with his ball-handling, is MORE than making up for it with his intense Defense.  He, Westbrook and the rest of the Bruins shut down Chase Budinger and the Wildcats for longs STRETCHES of the game.  Darren Collison also had a great game, making his first five shots and finishing with 16 Points.  He was the only Bruin who could hit from outside with consistency, as Josh Shipp fell back into his shooting slump.  Shipp was, however, very productive in all the OTHER facets of the game, as Ben Howland was quick to point out to his doubters after the game.

After the Bruins gave the ‘Cats an extra chance, by knocking the ball out of bounds after the missed Free Throw, Arizona – who was down by TWO – passed up a wide open two, and tried to force a desperation three, which fell woefully short.  Doesn’t Arizona know that you go for the win on the Road, and play for the tie at Home?  Did they actually THINK that they were down by THREE, or was that non-shooter just a wuss?

Well, if that guy was the Goat for Arizona, the Goat for Dallas is Jason Kidd.  The not-so-alleged Wife Beater-turned-Role Model shorted a Free Throw that would have tied up the Lakers in the final Seconds of O.T.  Instead, Kobe rides away with another 50+ point game, and a victory that bodes well for the upcoming Playoffs.  And just wait until Andrew Bynum and Trevor Ariza come back!  The Lakers are now “The Standard” of Excellence for the NBA, just like UCLA is for the Pac-10, whether Tim Floyd cares to admit it or not.

Finally, the Bruins beat sc in Baseball in the Inner City this weekend, and the Southern University Band and Dance Team performed at the Event, exhibiting why they could be known as “The Standard” for Spirit, on a National Level.  See below for just a little taste.  

Love got physical with the ‘Cats from the Opening Tip Off of their FIRST game

Kevin Love was the Leader of the Band on Sunday

“Bring It On 7 - Still Kickin’”

All three games (Bruins, Lakers, Bruins) on Sunday were HAIR-RAISING!!

Immediately after the game was over in South Central, everyone SPLIT.

With all that sheen, it’s a wonder Charlie Sheen isn’t there

For those of you who miss the ol’ “kick shot”

“Southern Comfort,” indeed.

Thank you girls, for that Southern Hospitality!





  1. Rick Avatar

    No, Arizona is still the “standard” to which Floyd aspires–doesn’t it show? And it’s about the only goal the whiner has achieved. Congratulations Timmy, you’re as good as Arizona. So what.

    Note to Luc: Around the basket, you are so good that you continue to inspire memories of–dare I say it–Marques Johnson himself; away from the basket, you continue to inspire memories of…the Lavin years.
    Play to your strengths!

    Finally, ouch–I’d ALMOST forgotten how much I missed the kick shots…(!)