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From rags to riches — Even though it’s hard to watch the 2016 Bruin Basketball team sometimes, the UCLA Spirit Squad is always a sight for sore eyes

No matter the price of admission to see the Bruins play Basketball, it’s always worth it to be in the arena, thanks to the UCLA Cheerleaders, and their reliably stellar performance, that is always MONEY.  So even when watching the game makes you say “D’oh!” — your dough is still well-spent.  And here — along with a bunch of photos of the game itself — are dozens more examples of how enriching it is to be a fan of the Spirit Squad.

All these are from before halftime on Saturday.  Coming soon are lots more from Halftime, plus the second half, and postgame.

"LOOKIN’ LIKE A MILLION IN PAULEY PAVILION" was published on March 7th, 2016 and is listed in UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos, UCLA/usc/Sports Photos.

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