“Don’t Worry, Baby, I Get Around.”

And we’ll have FUn, FUn, FUn, now the Bruins put the tro-gals away:  UCLA stuffs a banana in Michael Coop De-vil’s filth-spewing tailpipe, with a Good Vibrations throttling of the southern California Girls

Wouldn’t it be nice…

…if JUSTICE always came this easily?

A month after usc Women’s Basketball Coach Michael Cooper began his post-game Press Conference with : “F*ck UCLA!” the Bruins made him eat those words with a 74-56 thrashing of Cooper’s trojans.

Cooper’s low-class outburst ruffled some feathers in Westwood, and it provoked a crowd of over 8000 at Pauley Pavilion on Saturday morning — the 5th-largest ever for a UCLA Women’s Home game — when the trojans arrived, looking for a season sweep.

But the ex-Laker’s ill-chosen words also ruffled the feathers of the Lady Bruins themselves, and that extra inspiration made a huge difference in this revenge match.  Right from the start, the Bruins were outworking and outhustling sc.  The Bruins dominated the Paint, and completely controlled the Boards, as they quickly took a 14-4 lead and never looked back.  The tenacious Bruin Defense forced sc into 14 Turnovers before the break, to only 3 for UCLA, as the Bruins took a 19-point lead into the Intermission, and cruised in the 2nd Half to a very satisfying victory.  At the Halftime break, Cooper showed that he was bothered by the crowd abuse that he was taking, by saying sarcastically how much he “loved the crowd.”

Bruin Head Coach Nikki Caldwell took the high road after the game, saying that good Defense and Rebounding won the game [not Cooper’s stupidity].

It may not have been Cooper’s stupidity that lost the game for usc, but if not, then it was his awful Coaching.  At the start of the game, the trojans were so ill-prepared and poorly-coached, they had more Turnovers than Shot Attempts.  And as always with bad coaches, the team showed no heart or fight for their motivational leader, and never even made a run, just preferring to quit, and phone in the rest of the game.

With the Bruin Men about to face a tough trojans’ team on Sunday night, as a 7-point Underdog, not quitting may be the only thing to hang their hat on.  And YES, a Bruin loss in that game will take almost all of the luster off the Womens’ Rivalry win… but at least Cooper got his mouth washed out with soap, at the first possibile opportunity.


Sorry for so long with no updates — Here are 19 Cheer photos to make up for it.  Mouse over them for hidden captions.

Congrats to Russell Westbrook for scoring 40 in the All-Star Rookie/Soph. Game.

   Congrats also to Darren Collison, who has been playing like an All-Star in Chris Paul’s absence.

 And congrats to Nate Robinson, who beat sc’s Demar Derozan to win the Slam Dunk Contest (Derozan choked, then wussed out).

Demar’s choke wasn’t as bad as Peyton Manning’s.

Manning’s choke allowed non-factor Reggie Push to get a Super Bowl Ring.  Maybe Reggie will be able to KEEP the Ring,,, unlike his Heisman.

At least Push isn’t the one who’s “Going to Disneyland!”

And the Super Bowl Commercials were — like the Dunk Contest — dull and unimaginative, for the most part.

Maybe the funniest:  Doggie shock collar-on-jerk Doritos ad [if not the Letterman-Oprah-Jay spot].

The Who played an evocative concert at Halftime, with a visually-stunning laser and lightshow.  Great for “My Generation,” but some people wanted something a little more “recent.”

Sunday night’s game will be a true test of heart (on Valentine’s Day).

Can Ben Howland motivate for the Rivalry like Nikki Caldwell can?

Getting Back To Bush:  Rumors say Pete Carroll’s Seahawks may acquire Reggie.

Can you believe it’s only a week until the NCAA meets about sc sanctions?

Black History Month could be a Black one for sc, whose Football Team may be History.

Back to Carroll:  Pom Pom should be doing the Extenze ads, not Jimmy Johnson, because Peter’s nothing if not a big Dick.

Lane Kiffin should do “Depends,” because his Defensive Co-dadinator is about 90, and because Lane might soil himself when the NCAA guillotine drops.

Still waiting for the big TMZ expose on Kiffin and the Kiddie Kall Girls.

The Winter Olympics aren’t too thrilling as broadcast, but I know a couple of Gold Medalists when I see them.

Last one for today.  Happy V-Day to all Bruins, and Happy V.D. to all trojans.



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  1. SVCATOSCMO Avatar

    For those of us who did not attend the game, please provide specifics on the crowd abuse.

    [T-H’s Note: You couldn’t hear the specifics on the broadcast, but the students were barking at him all night, after a Cheerleader reminded the student section before tipoff, about Cooper running his mouth off.]

  2. Manu Avatar