Un-suspended Animation:  Kiffin lifts Havili’s suspension after just ONE DAY (because it’s not raining Fullbacks at usc)

Another trOJan thug gets away scot free after an attack of physical violence.  Describing this as “lenient” would be an understatement — so let’s call it “Laneient.”

All ALLEGEDLY>>>  Last week, 5th-year Senior Fullback Stanley Havili arbitrarily decided that Cornerback T.J. Bryant wasn’t running his laps fast enough, so he got in T.J.’s face — literally.  First he accosted him in front of everyone else, but T.J. stood up to him.  That led to a heated argument, and then a fight, ending with Havili punching Bryant in the face so hard, that he busted his cheekbone.

When Kiffin found out,  he couldn’t decide what to do.  He probably wanted to ignore the incident, because Havili is the only available on-scholarship Fullback that he’s got, and he needs him for Fall Practice.  But in light of Pat Haden’s new anti-Garrett public persona, Kiffin was thinking (or being told to think) that a suspension was warranted.

So Havili was suspended “indefinitely” on Friday.  It was an easy call, because Havili was out with an injured Hamstring anyway.  But on Saturday, some players including Bryant asked Kiffin to re-instate him.  Probably after watching the Walk-on Fullbacks fail to execute, Kiffin was looking for any excuse to bring Havili back, and the outpouring of pleas from T.J. and company was enough for Kiffin to forget about what Haden may have wanted (for image sake).

Kiffin was asked if this move will make him look soft, and he replied that he didn’t care what anyone outside of the Program thinks.  That’s too bad, because no one INSIDE the Program thinks at all.  Instead, all the players rush to support their Senior Role Model, whose lack of maturity and self-control cost a teammate three weeks of Practice, and therefore, probably a Starting gig.   Kiffin added that since Havili is injured, he could have kept the suspension in effect without affecting Havili, just to avoid the “soft” criticism, but again, he doesn’t care what people think.  Yup.  I think that became obvious a long time ago.

And now all the young trojans know for sure that [potentially] criminal violence doesn’t bring you any negative ramifications at usc — In fact, it makes you a trOJan Hero. 



  1. dswenson Avatar

    Same stuff happens there even though the bosses are different. $c will never change. Their logo really should be – “CHEAT ON” and on, and on, and on, and on, and on…………………………..
    What a horrible place!