There’s no Mayo on AP’s All-American Burger

The Associated Press shows Mayo no Love, slicing O.J. from their All-American 3rd Team in favor of Darren Collison, and makes Kevin Love part of an Associated Precedent:  The 1st-ever Seniorless 1st Team. 

For the second time in two days, Kevin Love’s name has been carved into Basketball History.  On Sunday, he became part of the NCAA’s FIRST-EVER Final Four consisting of all four #1 Seeds, and on Monday, he was named to the AP All-American Team’s FIRST-EVER Senior-free 1st Team.

The Associated Press has been awarding this honor for SIXTY years, but thanks to Old World Freshmen-ineligible Rules and the lack of early-entrants to the NBA back then, there has NEVER been an AP AA Starting Five without a Senior.

But this year, Love is joined by unanimous selections (Junior) Tyler Hansbrough from North Carolina, and (Freshman) Michael Beasley from Kansas State, along with (Junior) Chris Douglas-Roberts from Memphis, and (Sophomore) D.J. Augustin from Texas.  There are three Seniors on the SECOND TEAM, but none of them deserved to be chosen ahead of their younger First Team counterparts.  The 2nd Team also included Sophomore Stephen Curry of recently-ousted Davidson, who just announced that he’ll be returning to college for his Junior year (despite definitely being ready to go Pro RIGHT NOW).  That means that there will be at least one slot on next year’s 1st Team taken by another non-Senior.  Love is part of a FIRST-EVER occurrence, but as long as the NBA forces Players to spend One Year in College, it is going to RECUR to the point of becoming the Rule, not the Exception. 

And speaking of going Pro, Stanford Sophomore Twin Towers Brook and Robin Lopez announced that they are both going Pro now.  Brook, who made the AP 3rd Team, is ready and will score some Points as a Rookie.  Robin (the one with the Afro) does NOT yet have a skill set that will get him playing time in the Pro’s, and could have really used a year at Stanford as “The Man.”  But he’ll get some sort of deal, just based on his height alone, so the decision will work out okay… especially for Bruin fans.  NOT because he would have been a tough opponent, but because his camera-hogging Mother won’t be getting her obligatory in-crowd close-ups on Fox Sports Net.

Darren Collison, who was a PRE-SEASON All-American, made the 3rd Team, along with the guy that he may be guarding on Saturday, Freshman Phenom Derrick Rose of Memphis, and Indiana’s Freshman Phenom Eric Gordon.  Rose and Gordon are two more Freshman, who, like Love and trojan-killer Beasley, COMPLETELY lived up to all the hype that High School Recruits are getting these days.  That leaves only one mega-hyped Freshman from this year, who is missing from this list, and that would be O.J. Mayo.

Mayo was the MOST hyped of ALL these prospects.  He was the new LeBron, who was going to Carmelo-ize usc, by winning a National Championship in his one and only year at the “school.”  But before you think that there was an oversight down at the ol’ AP, O.J. Mayo’s name DID finally show up in the balloting…as an Honorable Mention, along with about 50 other guys.  And if you think O.J. got shafted because of his choke in the FIRST ROUND that led to his team being shamefully and unpredictably eliminated by an 11-Seed, you’re wrong — The voting was closed BEFORE the Tournament began!!  That means that Kevin Love would have gotten an even higher percentage of votes (due to his across-the-board Postseason stat increase during the Bruins’ run), and Mayo might not have even made the Honorable Mentions.  He might have gotten a DIS-honorable mention, for his team’s uninspired effort that led to their premature ejection.

Everyone knows that O.J. REALLY DOES have the TALENT.  So why was he so dramatically less-successful than all of his All-World contemporaries? Could it be lack of Heart?  Could it be his choosing of a team with no fan support, Tradition, History, or Class?  Are you afraid that all of this taunting will make him decide to come back for his Sophomore Season?  If he does come back, and Taj Gibson and Davon Jefferson do too, with Demar Derozan coming in, the trojans could very easily make us EAT these words.  But if Nick Young can put up 27 on the Lakers, just imagine what Mayo could do.  If Mayo saw that game, he probably signed an Agent the next day.

And speaking of Agents, we would love to be the future “Agent” for the Girls in the five photos below, when they graduate, and are no longer beholden to UCLA.  Just think of all the products we could have, with amazing photos of these beautiful girls, all being sold directly to their biggest fans, right here.  It would be a Blue and Goldmine.

An All-American Cheer/Dance Team would have to be dominated by Bruins (and we don’t mean BELMONT Bruins)

Unlike across town, none of these students will go “Pro” early.

“Words escape me, when I try to speak”  (from “Hallowed Be Thy Name”)

[No caption — Writer speechless]

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  1. Dan Avatar

    I can’t seem to get over how talented BRIANNA is…it doesn’t matter what she’s doing she always LOOKS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! It’s hard to find these days a WOMEN who has it all: FACE, SMILE, REAL CURVES (nothing wrong with plastic…i prefer real)…and she can MOVE!!! Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying…I believe all the girls are Beautiful (with a capital B), but BRIANNA should consider doing professional work….SHE’S BEYOND HOT and there’s to comparison…

    BRIANNA………..start your own website!?!?!?!

    Go UCLA!!!!!!!! GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and GO BRIANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FINAL FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jason Avatar

    one who has talent is not defined as one who has “face, smile, and real curves.” she is talented, but those three posessions have nothing to do with her talent as a dancer.

  3. Robert Avatar

    C’mon Jason, don’t get technical, Dan is right, BRIANNA was blessed with looks, the talent I’m sure she had to work on, from the time her parents signed her up at the age of 2 for ballet classes. When someone is as HOT as BRIANNA, Elize, Michelle and KAAAATTTTIIIIIIIEEEE 😉 who gives a rat’s ass about their talent.

  4. Dan Avatar

    that’s weak jason!

    you know what I mean…STOP disappointing me…I know who’s TALENTED– OFF and ON the COURT. Now back to BRIANNA…WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that’s what I call REAL TALENT…JASON, BACK OFF!

    GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BRIANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dan Avatar



    GO BRIANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. t-h Avatar

    Editors’ Note: Alright, guys. This isn’t one of those sites that lives on Bruin-on-Bruin animosity. Save the heat for the trojans. Besides, what we have here, is a failure to communicate. It is really hard to be passionately complimentary to the Spirit Squad students, without crossing a line of good taste. I have this problem almost every day. Are words like “hot” and “hottie” disrespectful, or objectifying? I certainly don’t mean it that way.

    And today’s word is “talented.” NO ONE is questioning the amazing athletic and artistic talent that the Squad shows at every game. But it should also be okay to use the SLANG meaning of the word “talented,” as in having the “talent” to mesmerize onlookers. That kind of “talent” may be mostly God-given, but it is okay for us to “appreciate” it, and when we do, it doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate their ACTUAL athletic/dance talent.

    As for not giving a rodent’s behind about that actual talent, I hope that the writer is using hyperbole to simply make the point of how unbelievably gorgeous these Girls are, and that even if they didn’t have talent, it wouldn’t matter. But in reality, it DOES matter, and deep down, he knows that.

    Okay? Have I found a Middle Ground of Peace?

  7. Robert Avatar

    Hey Dan,
    maybe the Editor can set you and I on a date with BRIANNA and KATIE 😉 what do you think?? can you image YOU and BRIANNA and ME and KATIE?? WOW!!!!!
    GO KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BRIANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. what do you say Mr. Editor, can you hook it up?? LOL

  8. Jaimie Avatar


  9. jp Avatar

    These girls are the best in the land! I’m so glad they represent UCLA.

  10. Dan Avatar

    Robert you’re the MAN!!!

    Sounds PERFECT! you take fabulous HOT KATIE and I’ll take fabulous HOT BRIANNA…

    Go BRUINS!!!! GO UCLA!!!!!!!!!!! and GO KATIE and GO BRIANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love being a TRUE BRUIN FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [Editor’s Note: I know that you mean all this figuratively, and with the utmost respect, or I would delete the comment. Just so you know, the students of the Spirit Squad have been known to personally frequent this site — so I wouldn’t want comments that would make them NOT want to come back… even if they are meant as supreme flattery]

  11. xavier Avatar
  12. Josephine Bruin Avatar
    Josephine Bruin

    all you brianna fans – here’s agood story, link: Sports Illustrated 20 questions for Brianna:


    [Editor’s note: Thank you Josephine, Xavier, and also UCLADal, who all alerted me to the SI pictorial, and congratulations to Brianna — You are certainly deserving of such an honor.]

  13. Dan Avatar

    sounds good i’ll tone it down…

    meant no harm, promise.

    Go UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Robert Avatar

    Alright Mr. Editor Dan and I will tone it down a notch or two, but . . . . it’s so hard to do! Katie is just so heavenly beautiful and I never really noticed Brianna until Dan started to make a big deal about her and damn!! Dan, I’ve gotta hand it to you – you sure know how to spot a good talent, I doubt if I will be dropping Katie any time soon for Brianna, but the gap has narrowed quite-a-bit – thanks to you!!
    Go Bruins!! let’s win this thing!!

  15. Aaron Avatar

    My favorite cheerleader is Katie as well, Robert.

  16. Robert Avatar

    Hey Aaron, you got great taste, Katie would leave me breathless at the Rose Bowl, my seats are 2 rows over the tunnel railing – where they come in and out during the games – and she has this certain glow, I can’t explain it but she is my favorite along with Elize then Brianna and Michelle but Kristen is not far behind.