Hey Laker, is this the Girl you say is your Favorite?

…and you CAN.  And you can support the Girls (and guys) themselves (not US) in the process


Sometimes when you wish for something really hard, your wish comes true.  Well, for all the people who have been begging us over the years to BUY  FULL-SIZED, UNCROPPED UCLA CHEERLEADER ACTION PHOTOS, now you can.  And the best part:  They are the Official shots taken BY the Spirit Squad Leader and her Staff, so the money goes back to the Squad itself.  To re-iterate:  The Photo Store that we are telling you about is on the Squad’s Official web site.  They are NOT OUR photos, and WE have NOTHING to do with it.  We just know that our audience would be interested in such a store, and we’d do ANYTHING to help the Squad.

So we highly encourage you to take a LENGTHY cyber-stroll through their newly-upgraded site.  They have galleries from each game, and more.  They have tons of POSED group shots, but they also have ACTION shots.  Some, taken in Pauley, we promise, you are going to love.  In fact, some of them are less conservative than the ones posted later in this post.


But again, go there when you have a few moments, so you can peruse the several different categories/galleries, to find your favorites.  Then, it looks like you can select ANY PHOTO, and have it emblazoned onto ANY piece of merchandise.  How excellent would it be to sit in front of a roaring fire this Winter, sipping a Hot Cocoa topped with whipped cream, out of a mug adorned with the UCLA Dance Team?  Merry Christmas, indeed!!   

If you’re looking for the link — and you should be, you derelict deadbeats, it’s not like it costs anything to LOOK — it’s over on the right side of this page.  You can also get there through uclabruins.com.  Choose “Get involved,” and then “Spirit.”  We WISH we could sell OURS, but since we can’t, please buy theirs, and help them maintain their well-deserved reputation as the Nation’s Best.

Sometimes, these pics speak for themselves.You think this was one of that Security Guard’s BETTER days?[NOTE TO MOLLIE:  This is all I meant.  Still okay, I now presume.]


4 responses to “IF YOU CAN FIND BETTER PICS, BUY ‘EM!”

  1. NPDES Avatar

    I don’t know about Laker, but that cheerleader is my favorite! I hope the Bruins can find a way to gain consistency. They’re very likely to beat Cal, then lose to Washington State. I’m still supporting my Bruins!

  2. uclaJon Avatar

    whats the name of the cheerleader in the first picture???

    she’s really beautiful..

  3. admin Avatar

    Jon —

    We don’t usually publicize the names too much, because we don’t want to mis-identify anyone accidentally, and, because we’d like to give the girls a modicum of privacy. However, to honor your special request, we believe that the beautiful specimen to whom you refer is called “Kristin.” If you ever need more info on the Squad, and you don’t want to wait for an answer here, you can check out the girls at THEIR Official website, where they all have photos, bios, and personal info, like “favorite moment.” It’s pretty cool. Go to uclabruins.com, then choose “Get Involved,” and then “Spirit.”

  4. uclaJon Avatar

    thanks a lot… I will check the site out