Ming Clause — To replace the injured Yao Ming, the NBA injects Love into the All-Star game, where he will re-unite with fellow Bruin Westbrook

Feel Like Making Love… an All-Star?  Well, the NBA did, and he’s not in Bad Company.

Bruin greats Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook will be teammates once again, as both are now members of the West All-Stars.  Russell had already been selected as a West reserve, but yesterday, the League announced that Kevin Love has been added to the squad, to fill in for Yao Ming.  Yao was voted in by his vast International following, despite the fact that he has been injured for a while, and is unable to participate.

Love was a candidate to make the reserves, but Blake Griffin got the nod over Kevin.  So Kevin had to wait until yesterday to get the good news.  And how did Love finally make it?  Was it the Timberwolves’ mock Cologne ad marketing campaign?  No, it was Love’s sheer talent, and unparalleled PRODUCTION on the court, despite getting very little help from his struggling Minnesota teammates.  Love leads the League in Double-doubles with 43, including 34 straight and counting, he leads the League with 15.5 Rebounds per game, and he got the League’s first 30-30 in 30 years.  Also, he’s on pace to be the first guy to average 20 and 15 since Moses Malone.  How can you keep a guy like that out of the All-Star game… which is being played in L.A., where Love starred with the Bruins 4 years ago?  You can’t, and they didn’t.


The latest on the Seto Story is that he is now off the list of possible D.C.’s for the Bruins.  Of course, there has been so much faulty reporting in this matter, I will not start celebrating just yet.  Not only is ex-trojan Rocky Seto’s possible hire still giving me nightmares, but fellow ex-trojan Mark Carrier is still out there too.  Hopefully, both of them were just part of a massive ruse by Rick Neuheisel, to lower the expectations of Bruin fans, just to make Randy Shannon seem like even more of a Godsend.


There is a story brewing right now about Mark Sanchez having an illicit relationship with a 17-year old girl.  Deadspin is working on it, but the girl’s lawyers are trying to stop it.  The age of consent is 17 in New York, but maybe they spent some time in L.A., where Sanchez would have been a Statutory Rapist.  We’ll have to wait and see what comes of these “charges.”  My only question so far is:  What did Sanchez wipe on HER jacket?


Another story making the rounds (which is detailed in the comments section of my previous article) concerns ex-trojan Everson Griffen putting together a Vegas Super Bowl Party Bus.  He’s charging $100 a person, and has invited a bunch of trojan players, and thousands of other people, via Facebook.  Some of the buses are going to be loaded by Jordan Campbell, the sc transfer who was involved with golf cart boy Teague Egan.  Hearing this, usc BANNED all its players from participating, since the players could get in trouble if they get any benefits from the already-disgraced ex-agent.  Not only that, but Griffen went to jail TWICE in the last three days, for getting wasted in public, and for assaulting a cop, by grabbing his privates.  Griffen actually bragged about getting out of jail in less than 8 hours each time.  [That right there is the DEFINITION of what it means to be a trojan — Not being ashamed of going to jail, but being arrogant about how quickly he got out].  Griffen denies that the bus trip is being underwritten by Egan’s First Round Enterprises, and is still trying to get usc to lift the ban.  Expect sc’s “compliance” officers to be at the bus-loading sites, to make sure the ban sticks.


Yet another story that promises headaches and heartburn for usc is the one involving Recruiting violations by Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron.  The current sc Head Coach and Assistant were both at Tennessee a couple of years ago, when they allegedly broke rules involving improper CONTACT with potential recruits.  The interesting part of the story is that it is possible that instead of penalizing Tennessee, the NCAA just MIGHT let the punishment follow the individual culprits — Kiffin and Orgeron — all the way to usc.  The two might incur new restrictions on when THEY can recruit players for usc.  So, while the NCAA is considering sc’s appeal of last year’s sanctions, they may have to hit them again with new ones.  Shouldn’t that make the decision easier on whether or not to rescind the earlier penalties?  Kiffin and Orgeron were a big part of the crime wave at sc originally, so the NCAA would be foolish to loosen their leashes now, especially after all the Tennessee transgressions have come to light.


As predicted here a few days ago, ex-trojan Mitch Mustain is going to skate on a technicality.  D.A. Steve Cooley, who got his law degree from usc, or some other “law enforcement” executive, has decided to let Mustain go, because the drugs he was selling were not actually Adderall, as advertised (on Craigslist!), but some other, lesser-controlled substance.  SO… can the buyer now sue Mustain for Fraud or False Advertising?  What a joke.  Not only is he a SCumbag Drug Dealer, but a cheat who rips off his junky clientele.  These trojans just keep topping themselves.  Snot-wiping, crotch-grabbing, fake-drug dealing, and maybe even statutory raping sleazeballs… and Neuheisel actually interviewed two trojans-for-life to become Bruin Coaches?  Good thing O.J.’s still in a Nevada jail, or he might have been the new Running Game Coach, instead of the new guy from the University of Nevada.  Neuheisel apparently told a Bruin fan group that the new D.C. will completely bleed blue and gold, and that negative fan reaction to Seto’s interview “moved the needle” in the decision process.  Finally:  The voice of the people has been heard.


So, to sum up, two Bruins make the NBA All-Star team, while several ex-trojans run afoul of the law (and two more get run off the [Bruin] reservation).  Just another week in the Rivalry!



  1. JC Avatar

    Don’t be fooled by websites such as Scout saying that sc has a top 5 recruiting class. That is only because they stockpiled 30 recruits this year before the hammer falls. The quality of their recruits is only about 15th. Still impressive, but not nearly what it used to be, and behind Oregon, Stanford and Cal.

    UCLA’s lackluster recruiting this year is well known. However, by 2011, their top-notch classes of the past must step up and perform, thereby improving 2012 recruiting and saving CRN’s job.