Will Keefe be this happy tonight?

Cal’s Cryin’ Ryan Anderson says “We OWE it to” UCLA, because that last loss was so hard to Swallow.  And it is “Mission: POSSIBLE,” since the lightly-motivated Bruins could self-destruct against a fired-up Bear team that has been wallowing in self-pity for five days and has its back to the (adobe) wall.

The Rematch is set, but only the losers care.  The Cal Golden Bears got their wish last night — a do-over with UCLA — by squeezing past the Washington Huskies, 84-81.  It’s a wonder that it was so close, considering that Washington was missing their best player in Jon Brockman, and Cal was so driven, by their desire to get another crack at UCLA.

Washington had a 12-Point lead in the Second Half, but Ryan Anderson stepped up with a Double-Double, IN THE SECOND HALF ALONE.  He carried the Bears, who went on a huge run to take control.  The Huskies made a couple of big shots to stay close down the stretch, but Anderson’s huge perimeter jumper – as time expired on the shot clock – was the difference.  Washington had a chance to tie at the buzzer, but couldn’t get off a decent shot.

So now it’s Deja Vu, and Cal has a chance to avenge the choke of last week.  And no, we don’t mean the Refs’ choke.  We’re talking about the Bears’ choke, allowing crucial Offensive Rebounds to let the Bruins back into the game.  Bears Coach Ben Braun said that his team DESERVED to win.  If today’s game were in the REAL Tournament, we would GUARANTEE a UCLA win.  But since the Bears HAVE to win to continue their season and the Bruins are playing for – arguably – nothing, the Bears should be favored to win.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bruin bench get some playing time, and it’s even possible that some slightly-injured Bruins could sit out entirely.  Ben Howland, like Lute Olson, has never really stressed the importance of the Pac-10 Tournament, so even if the Bruins didn’t already have an awesome seeding locked up, we still wouldn’t be shocked by a Bear victory.

A Bruin loss to Cal might cost the Bruins a #1 Seeding, but a #2 Seeding in the West is not much of a problem.  The only issue is that a 1st Round loss today could bump the Bruins into a different region, and that could make the Road to the Final Four a little bumpier.  But a Bruin loss to Cal would also ACCOMPLISH two positive things:  It would mean that the injured and banged-up players could get some extra rest, and it would mean that the Bruins could avoid another head-to-head confrontation with THUG Daniel Hackett, who was involved in TWO Bruin injuries already this year. 

Also, a game against sc — who would also have MORE TO GAIN than the Bruins would by winning — would be emotionally draining, and quite possibly demoralizing and confidence-destroying.  It would be much preferable to lose to Cal in a loss that would be very easy to discount.  Then, when sc beat up Cal, it wouldn’t be as much of a confidence-builder for troy, as it would have been to beat UCLA.

Make no mistake — sc is a threat on any given night to beat any team in the Nation.  Of course, they could melt down today, incur six Technicals and Flagrant Fouls, and lose to Arizona State.  But don’t count on it.

Here’s something you CAN count on:  NINE more stunning photos from the last Cal game, knowing that nothing else should stun you today.

It’s like a tanning bed:  You stand in the middle, and you get cuter, by osmosis.

It’s been a “Banner” Year.

If you think today’s article is too pessimistic, consider it “Reverse Mojo.”

See the Possession Arrow?  That’s because they have possession of our hearts.

Now THERE’S a Cameraman who knows how to get a good shot.

Those boots are made for walkin’

We could see getting down on one knee for these Girls.

This may LOOK like a repeat, but it isn’t — They are just repeatedly photogenic!

We’re NOT bragging, since it takes us 600 photos to get 100 good ones (and THOSE are because of good LUCK and incomparable subject matter), but she could almost use THIS one as a Professional Head Shot.



  1. Dan Avatar

    Look at BRIANNA six pic down: Now those are DELICIOUS CURVES!!!!!!!

    GO BRUINS!!! GO UCLA!!!!!! GO BRIANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The tide is turning Avatar
    The tide is turning

    Play to win against Cal!

    A loss today could result in a 2 seed out of the region, and also empower the feeling of superiority by Cal. So play to win today, and play subs when possible. If UCLA faces sc OR ASU tomorrow, give the subs a lot of playing time, so that losing against either would not be devasting (or physically painful, as you referenced in the case of sc). Winning today SHOULD be enough to ensure a 1 seed. Of course, the only guarantee is to win the tournament.

  3. Rick Avatar

    Make no mistake–on any given day, $C is a threat to LOSE to any team in the nation.
    If the Bruins properly dispose of Cal, I hope you’re singing a less pesssimistic tune before round two.
    I know you’re only trying to soften the potential blow of a potential loss, but if in fact the players do visit the website, such pessimism sends a powerfully negative subliminal message–it breeds a losing, apologist mindset. Losing is not an option. Because WINNING is all Bruins do!