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King of the Clowns, Queens of the Town — This past Saturday, Southern Cal Clown College Athletic Director Pat Haden made a fool of himself, responding to a rule-violating text from the trojans’ Head Coach by bolting from the Press Box down to the field where he confronted game Officials during the u$c-Stanford game, an act which, for an A.D., is an egregious, unheard of violation of ethics and protocol;  At the same time, UCLA’s new Spirit Squad was making their debut at the Rose Bowl with all the CLASS that Haden lacks

Just about a week after u$c was called out on ESPN for being a “Clown College,” the leader of their Athletic Department pulled a shameless stunt that will prolong the school’s current status as a National laughingstock.  During the trojans’ game at Stanford, sc Head Coach Steve Sarkissian got into trouble with the Referees, drawing a penalty for arguing.  In fear of being ejected, he TEXTED his boss, Athletic Director Pat Haden, who was in the Press Box.  Of course it is blatantly AGAINST THE RULES for a Coach to send a text to the Press Box during a game, but as you know, trojans don’t think the rules apply to them.  In the text, Sarkissian requested Pat to come down and fight his battle with the Refs for him.

When questioned about this unethical, arrogant display, Haden did not show any remorse, or admit fault.  All he did was blame Sarkissian for imploring him to help the beleaguered Coach.  Hours later, several journalists and bloggers insisted that Haden face serious ramifications for his actions.  Some called for him to resign from the 13-person Playoff Selection Committee, due to Haden’s total lack of Integrity.  Then the Pac-12 announced that they would investigate the situation, which suggests a reprimand or punishment is imminent.  Only THEN did Pat change his tune.  Haden quickly released a statement of apology, trying to avoid the errors of arrogance made by his predecessor Mike Garrett when HE and HIS Program got caught red-handed breaking the rules.

UPDATE:  On Monday, the Pac-12 fined Haden $25,000 for his inappropriate actions, and reprimanded both him and Sarkissian.

So in the last two weeks or so, the trojan tally includes a player suspended for lying to the Country by claiming he saved a child from drowning when really he was probably involved in a burglary and was eluding Police; Then another player quit the team and claimed that Sarkissian was a Racist who treats Black players like SLAVES;  Then Haden pulls this outlandish stunt during a game and draws a $25K fine; and then another playing gets ejected, for targeting, i.e. using his helmet as a weapon to injure a Stanford player.  Calling u$c a “Clown College” may actually be too complimentary.

Meanwhile across town in Westwood, the only clown is the one you order into at the Drive-Thru, and no one is breaking the rules or the law, although it SHOULD be illegal to play so far below your potential, as the Bruins have so far this year.  At least the Bruins don’t pretend to be superheroes.  Although former Bruin star Rahim Moore was a hero last night for the Broncos, intercepting not just one but TWO Andrew Luck passes , as Denver staved off the Colts’ furious comeback attempt.  In other Bruin news, Mascot Joe Bruin is currently in a dogfight with Zippy from Akron in the Capital One Mascot Challenge, so please go to https://capitalonemascots.com/mascots/mascot/joe_bruin and vote for Joe!!

Joe always conducts himself with class and dignity (Haden should take a lesson), but if you add grace, beauty, brains, and incredible talent to class and dignity, you get the rest of the UCLA Spirit Squad.  Here, as promised, are 52 more photos from Saturday, of the incomparable UCLA Cheerleaders.

[NOTE:  I still don’t have all the names down perfectly yet.  If I mislabel someone, please don’t be shy about correcting me.]