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Red Hot NCAA Peppers U$C with “Chili” New Wave of penalties:  The trojans are Banned from Bowls for 2 years, forced to give up 30 scholarships, and must vacate all their 2004 ill-gotten gains — Now you know what made Carroll “Flea”

No one ever said Pete Carroll was stupid.  Arrogant, sleazy, petulant, immature, disingenuous and narcissistic maybe, but not stupid.  Carroll proved he’s not as stupid as the people who hire him, by bailing out of usc, right before the guillotine finally fell.

The blade came down today, as usc is apparently getting stung with a three-pronged NCAA Sanction:  The trojans will not be allowed to play in any Post-Season Bowl games for the next two years;  They will be stripped of 30 scholarships over the next few years; And all their wins from 2004 will be vacated.  And if that’s it, The Sleazy Got Off Easy.

But trojan fans are going ballistic right now, trying to cope with this announcement.  Sufferin’ SUCcotashists!  Reportedly, Lane Kiffin is “livid.”  Of course he HAS to pretend like he is surprised by this inevitable ruling, because of all the recruits to whom he blatantly lied, when he promised them no Bowl Bans.  But don’t believe the song and dance — Just like Carroll saw the writing on the wall, Kiffin knew perfectly well why his Dream Job had suddenly become available to HIM.

Just think of all those die-hard trojan fans who won’t be attending a Bowl Game this year, or next year.  That’s a long time for their beloved Football program to be completely irrelevant.  And now it looks like Matt Barkley’s big trojan memory will be the Emerald Bowl.  The question is, will any of his teammates transfer, so that they can play in a Bowl Game before their college careers are over?

While trojan fans are dealing with the death of their ongoing DENIAL, they are of course lamenting that the NCAA Spanking the Monkeys with these sanctions is “unfair.”  For once, I agree with them.  These punishments ARE unfair:  They aren’t NEARLY severe enough.  As much as I love seeing the trojans whine, and as much as I will enjoy filling out my “Bowl Pool” entry form for the next couple of years, I still don’t think the punishment comes close to fitting the crime.  Where’s the TV Ban?  Why do they get to still profit off their crimes, by raking in TV dollars?  Their status as a big draw is still fruit from the poisonous tree.  If Carroll didn’t run an education-be-damned NFL way station populated with scuzzy Agents, they never would have become such Media darlings.  The only silver lining is that if they suck, then more people will see them suck.

Of course, if they truly suck, then THE BOWL BAN IS AN EMPTY PUNISHMENT.  The Ban shouldn’t expire until they have been deprived of two Bowls for which they are ELIGIBLE.  If they finish under .500 either this year or next, the Bowl Ban should roll over, otherwise, it is a toothless sanction.

Speaking of toothless sanctions, the diminished scholarships will have no effect whatsoever.  We are talking about third-string players and special-teamers, if anyone.  And besides, usc will FIND A WAY to get in all the players they need, regardless of whether the school is officially footing the bill.  If the school isn’t allowed to pay, so what — some obscenely-wealthy alumni or agent-type will funnel the money to the family of the recruit, who will then suddenly pay his own way through usc, despite his modest, inner city upbringing.  Watch how many recruits’ Dads are suddenly on the usc payroll.  I hear the campus Men’s Rooms are really sticky, and in need of cleaning, around-the-clock.

The vacation of the 2004 wins is a lovely touch, but one which obnoxious and deluded trojan fans will never acknowledge.  That’s why the domino-fallout needs to happen next:  The BCS needs to Officially rescind the trophy with which sc absconded, and the NY Downtown Athletic Club needs to follow its bylaws and repossess Vince Young’s Heisman back from the officially-ineligible Reggie Bush.  Not until those two things happen with lots of fanfare, will any trojan be hurt by these retroactive penalties.

Some people, including the whiny sympathizer named Feldman on the ESPN video breaking the news, think that the Bowl Ban is unfair to CURRENT trojan players who weren’t a part of the rampant violations.  They basically wondered, why bother to punish the school, now that Carroll and Tim Floyd are gone?  What a tool.  First of all, Carroll and Floyd worked for Mike Garrett, who chose two sleazy characters to do his bidding, and that’s exactly what they did, with his blessing.  Does Feldman think Garrett should get off unscathed?  And what about the Steroid Pipeline?  And as far as having sympathy for the current players, that is the biggest joke of all.  First of all, they were probably induced to come to usc by the same illegal methods that got the school in trouble in the first place, so they KNEW that they were jumping into a cesspool of violations and unchecked criminal and agent activity.  And for those who didn’t get recruited with Hookers and Cash, they HAD to know that sc was reputed to be a hotbed of SCandal.  You’d have to be living under a rock to NOT know that sc was facing severe sanctions for all their payoffs and cheating.  And if you are stupid enough to believe Lane Kiffin, who has been called a lying SCumbag by everyone, from his previous employer Al Davis to every football fan in Knoxville, then you certainly get what you deserve.  And besides, if they don’t like being part of the street cred criminal element, they can transfer.  Right now.  So if sympathy for the innocent kids of usc was part of your perspcetive on this case, you don’t have a clue… because they had PLENTY of clues.

There will probably be some official announcements today, and some official reactions.  KEEP IN MIND that usc will undoubtedly APPEAL the ruling, which will buy them a few more months of denial, and will probably cut their Bowl Ban down to only one year.  Hopefully, the kids won’t wait to find out how the Appeal goes, and instead will give in to the appeal of Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, etc.  And NO, I don’t want any of them to come to UCLA.  First of all, their grades are probably too low, and secondly, their Integrity is probably too low.  With apologies to Randall Carroll and probably a bunch of other Bruins, I would prefer to get guys who consider themselves above playing for a school that is notorious for flaunting the rules, owning the Police,  shooting up steroids, glorifying cheap shot artists, and still worshipping their murderous hero O.J. Simpson.

Appeal or not, penalty reduction or not, Heisman Re-po or not — The bottom line is that usc has finally been officially BUSTED for CHEATING, for the whole Country to see.  GUILTY AS CHARGED.  There is NOW no denying the SCumbag practices that have been going on over there, not even by the trojans themselves any more.  Even the legally-apprehensive NCAA couldn’t ignore the black and white facts, like Reggie’s travel receipts.  Now the entire Nation realizes what I’ve been preaching for 30 years.  And even though they didn’t get the Death Penalty that they so richly deserve, they still got raked over the proverbial coals, and it taints any future bragging that they were planning on.  Even thier big money bribes couldn’t get them out of this one.

Too big to fail?  Cardinal & Goldman Sacks.  “Sacks,” as in shriveled from steroids Sacks.  Sorry, No Wrist(slap) For The Wicked.  When Bush came to shove, the NCAA had to shove back, or just fold up their tents and call it quits.  And quit is also what they should do, IF they soften on Appeal.   Actually, knowing sc, there will probably be new violations coming up.  If so… Hey NCAA:  Hit ’em again, hit ’em again.  Harder, harder! 



  1. Fast freddie Avatar
    Fast freddie

    about dam time. good for the NCAA

  2. FIGHT ON USC Avatar

    Let’s try to be reasonable and why don’t you give me a good response to this:

    You want to take away scholarships from USC. Kids dream of playing for storied programs like SC and now you want to take that away? Ok, for cheating, sure I get it. But you’re not taking away scholarships from just USC–you’re taking them away from college football as a whole. Some kids leave USC to go elsewhere, the kids that would’ve gone THERE lose a spot on the team as well, and so on and so on. It hurts these kids trying to play at the schools of their dreams and get educations while they’re at it.

    I get it–USC may not have followed rules–so punish them. Take away wins. Take away the Heisman. Take away the BCS national championship. But taking away these kids chances of competing with teams around the country, because of what happened while they were in middle and high school? That’s absurd! That makes no sense! Especially coming from someone as biased and ridiulous as YOU (writing this “Trojan Haters” blog). That’s just nuts.

    [T-H’s Note: Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!! What a freaking crybaby. Why don’t you read the whole article before you pop off? All these poor, innocent ball players about whom you are so worried are all getting exactly what they deserve for picking that cesspool in the first place. They all KNEW what might happen, and they took the $$$$ and assumed the risk. Too bad. So what if they go somewhere else and take places there? The ousted kids there can easily go somewhere else. There is virtually an unlimited amount of positions for college football players, where they can also learn how to spell “ridiculous.”]

  3. Keenan C. Warner Avatar

    I agree with everything you said ESPECIALLY about shunning recruits who may want to jump s(c)hip and transfer. If we were not their first choice, they should not be our any choice. I want kids who want us.

  4. Jake Avatar

    :-D…. Sooo happy how this turned out.

  5. Grant Avatar

    Finally the ncaa does something about this…… But Bush and Mayo remain millionaires…:-(

  6. UCLADal Avatar

    LOL to fight on sc! Typical sc spin. “… you’re taking them away from college football as a whole…” Oh please.

    Winning at all cost has its price. It’s time for your to start paying fight on sc. What a doof.

    Great write up as usual T-H! A great and glorious day in the history of Keep up the good work! GO BRUINS!

  7. Christian Avatar

    USC wasn’t going to do anything this year anyways, i mean kiffin is coaching them (Using the word “coaching” loosely)

  8. SVCATOSCMO Avatar

    10 scholarships a year, for 3 years, out of an average of about 25 filled per year, will be felt. 5 scholarships a year, or only 20% of the normal total, would have been much easier to absorb. They may still get enough 5 star athletes to win most games, but those athletes will have to play much more, so they will get hurt more, or be more tired at the end of games, so sc will ultimately have to rely on some substandard backups. Also, practices won’t be as competitive.

    Yes, some parents may get jobs, but you would think sc would be under severe scrutiny, making it very difficult to funnel $ to parents.

    I think the reduced schollies will have a 0-1 game affect the first year, 2 games the 2nd year, 3 games the third year, with a significant effect (1-2 games a year) to last another 2-3 years. Of course, it is impossible to accurately quantify, especially when you have a coach who is known as Lame, who will cost his teams games all by himself.

    Also, are you sure you didn’t write FIGHT ON USC’s comments? C’mon, come clean!

    “But you’re not taking away scholarships from just USC–you’re taking them away from college football as a whole.” Are you fuc*ing kidding? Does he think there are players out there who will work at a gas station instead of accepting a scholarship at another Division I school if they can’t get an sc football scholarship?

  9. Ken S. Avatar
    Ken S.

    The NCAA has finally grown a pair. And I see the U$C fans are in total denial. Typical.

  10. D. Buck Stopshere Avatar
    D. Buck Stopshere

    Oh, fer crying out loud. USC could have easily avoided those scholarship losses if they had either A) Taken NCAA compliance & cooperation seriously on their own or B) After the litany of red flags and warnings.

    Boo Hoo Hoo. Sounds like an ex post facto “Think of the children” defense. USC knew they had a loose culture for players and the groupies they attract like agents and celebrities. It helped them dazzle teenage football stars and stockpile the recruits that were looking for that type of a loose culture.

    No school in history has ever had so much ‘smoke” surrounding their program as did USC under Carroll.
    It is the height of incredulity and self importance to think that it was all “jealousy”.

    The school let it go on and the recruits kept coming because of it, in spite of the looming investigation.

    Garrett and Carroll ran the program according to what a bunch of teenage egomaniacs were looking for andsince Sample wouldn’t be the adult in charge, the NCAA had to step in and do his job for him. Nothing more and nothing less.

    USC really does have an overiding culture of shallow, self important, whiny adolescents.
    So what does an adult do with whiny brats who won’t take responsibility? They ground them and take away the car keys.

    Grow the F up USC and join the world of adults. You can only bend the rules for so long before everyone you’ve cheated say “Enough”.