The “Hook ’em Horns” team makes Neuheisel bring the hook early (to pull Prince after 3 1st Quarter Interceptions), and stampedes to a 49-20 blowout (as Tommy Lasorda’s pep talk falls flat), prompting UCLA fans to call for another hook

Welcome to the Neuheisel Farewell Tour.

UCLA got pummelled by Texas on Saturday, 49-20, and it was SO bad that the Head Coach may never recover.  Rick Neuheisel chose to go against popular opinion, by starting Kevin Prince at Quarterback instead of Richard Brehaut, and that decision may have doomed the whole game, and Neuheisel’s whole career.  Prince had missed the last game and most of the the one before that, but to say he was “rusty” on Saturday would be an insult to rust.  In less than one quarter, Prince threw 3 Interceptions and also nearly fumbled on a near-sack, when his third down pass dribbled off his hand, to the ground.

When Prince was done and before Brehaut even took a snap, it was already 21-0, as the Bruin Defense couldn’t contain the Longhorns.  Texas scored three TD’s off of the three Turnovers, first on a blown coverage in the secondary.  Then they just marched down the field with successful first down runs, and easy short passes to convert short third downs.  Texas knew what would work, and that’s what they did, which means that Neuheisel and his staff got thoroughly outcoached.  The Bruins couldn’t make any adjustments to slow the Horns down, and therefore, couldn’t catch up.

Richard Brehaut came in and didn’t set the world on fire, but he did lead the Bruins to a Touchdown to cut the lead to 21-7.  Of course, He completed only one pass in that Touchdown drive, and threw two near-picks, but he didn’t actually turn it over.  Then Texas scored again to make it 28-7, before Jeff Locke made a 51-yard Field Goal right before the Half to make it 28-10 at Halftime.  Locke was the Bruins’ lone bright spot — He was filling in for injured Kip Smith, and not only did he hit that 51-yarder, he also hit a 49-yarder, and also delivered a 70-yard punt.

The rest of the Bruins failed to execute.  They blew assignments, they committed penalties, they missed tackles, they dropped passes, and they fumbled the ball.  In short, they played like the poorly-coached team that they are… for now.  Bad Coaching also accounts for the “12 men on the field” penalty that they incurred.  Before the game started, Neuheisel had lots of detractors — now, he is probably out of defenders.

I could analyze the game in more detail, but WHY?  The early turnovers put UCLA in a hole, but even if they had just started over, they still would have gotten beat.  Texas was clearly superior — better disciplined, harder hitting, faster, quicker, more talented, and most of all, better-coached.  Instead of trying to explain it, I’m just going to go right to the photos.  Below are FORTY-SIX pics from the game and from the pre-game festivities.  I swear to God — If it weren’t for the cheerleaders, the whole day would have been a total waste of time.  By the way:  I have over 100 MORE Cheerleader pics from Saturday, which I will be posting in batches during the next two weeks… and don’t forget to click on these photos to enlarge them.


3 responses to “GET THE HOOK!”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Great pics as usual T-H. Thanks.

    These are dark days for Bruin football and I don’t see a lot of sun on the horizon. It really stinks right now.

  2. jp Avatar

    It’s just kinda pointless now. Responsibility starts at the top. Guerrero needs to go. I’m still not over how he let Nikki Caldwell go.

    Anyways, the GOODNESS for the Dance Team!!! They’re a freaking dynasty. Nice to see vets leading newbies. Kate, Lizzie and Nicolette have really emerged this year. They will be future hall of famers.

  3. fastfreddie47 Avatar

    Price killed any chance we had getting back into the game, Rick has go to pull his head out of Princes butt, a totally ridiculous 1st Qtr. by Prince.