Just for kicks - help out your fellow Bruin!Former Bruin Cheerleader Katie E. has invented a brilliant new product:  The “Tillow” — It’s a beach towel with built in pillow and pockets — Please check it out and help her realize her dreams!

I have been telling you for years that the members of the UCLA Spirit Squad aren’t just a bunch of pretty faces.  Not only are they gorgeous, they are also creative, motivated, industrious, and super-intelligent.  And once again, I bring you proof.  Exhibit K — Katie from the Cheer Squad of 2009, one of the all-time great years for the UCLA Spirit Squad.  Katie has come up with a brand new product whose time has truly come:  A beach blanket that includes a pillow for your head (so you don’t have to bunch up the sane underneath), a protected zipper pocket for your suntan lotion or valuables, and a ergodynamic waterprrof pocket for your smart phone, that allows you to use the phone without getting it wet or sandy.  GENIUS, I say!!

Katie is currently getting her product rollout underway, and has a Kickstarter campaign set up so people can help her reach her goal.  FOR MORE PHOTOS OF KATIE, please continue reading this article, but to help support Katie’s worthwhile endeavor, click HERE:

Below are 15 photos to remind you who Katie is. You will also get to see most of the illustrious 2009-2010 UCLA Spirit Squad…



  1. JosephineBruin Avatar

    Cool idea, the Tillow. I always love your posts and photos. I wrote a song, BOOM, for our BRUINS and wanted to do some kind of highlight or photo video of the team along with the song. I don’t know how to do a video like that and was wondering, if you like the song, if you’d want to do a video, or if I can use some of your photos. I am a proud BRUIN alum. Here’s the song and lyrics: (1st 15 seconds is silent, not sure why or how to fix)
    I can get us back to where we were and better
    Better than last season
    I’m the leader that you’re looking for
    To the very end
    Sitting here with my hands cut up
    Bleeding, waiting
    Giving my all for us
    Focused, entrenched
    Revolution in the air I can feel it
    In me
    Can’t wait anymore
    Open the door let me out
    Here comes the BOOM (repeat line 4 times)
    (repeat verse and chorus)
    From all sides
    They won’t see it coming (repeat both lines)
    Here comes the BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM
    Revolution in the air
    Yeah here it comes

    [T-H’s Note: Nice song. You can use my photos.]