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Former UCLA Dance Teamer and Miss CaliforniaUSA Finalist Katie is running for Fox Sports West Girl — and you can help.  Please go HERE: and give Katie a 5-Star Rating right now!

Ordinarily, Katie doesn’t need ANY help.  Katie is an intelligent, beautiful person, who has succeeded in every endeavor she has ever undertaken.  This self-motivated young lady wanted to attend UCLA, and she did, graduating with a high GPA.  She wanted to make the super-elite UCLA Dance Team, and she did, becoming Team Captain and choreographing routines.  She wanted to enter the Miss CaliforniaUSA beauty pageant, and she was voted by the judges as a Finalist.  She wanted to be an actress, and she has already had roles on successful shows like “Rules of Engagement,” “New Girl,” “Legit,” and “The Client List.”  And now, she wants to be a Fox Sports West Girl.  But this time, she could use your help.

Voting is open now at

NOTE;  You don’t actually “vote” — What you do is RATE Katie, giving her 5 stars.

Please drop whatever you’re doing (I’m sure whatever it was can wait), and click on the link.  Katie entertained UCLA fans for four years, and gave everything she had for the Bruins.  Now it’s your turn to give it back.

And don’t think that she is so beautiful, she must be stuck up and doesn’t deserve your effort.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Katie is the nicest, sweetest, most humble and down-to-earth person you could ever meet.  Not only that, but she’s a die-hard Bruin Sports fan, still attending games and supporting the teams.

Katie would be the perfect Fox Sports West Girl, being so knowledgeable about Sports, being a true blue Bruin, and most importantly, looking so FINE on screen (and in person).  I want to see Katie on my widescreen during every Bruin game, during every Angel game, and during everything else I watch on Fox Sports West.  Hell, I wish I could just have a Katie Channel — All Katie, all the time.  Who needs the Sports?

Here are 8 photos from my Katie Hall of Fame…  I will post 8 more when she makes the Finals of this contest.  🙂

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  2. Sparky wrote,

    I’d sign up for the Katie Channel too! And maybe never watch anything else. And maybe there’d be some guest appearances by the other 3 members of the Fab Four. Thanks for sharing the link and supporting Katie. And thanks for the fine choice of photos to share. You know, there doesn’t have to be any special occasion to promote Katie. Tuesdays, or Thursdays are always good!!!

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