How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?

After hitting The Wall at sc, Tim Floyd is tickled Pink to take Arizona’s Money and leave the trojans un-Comfortably Numb

Tim Floyd tried to turn usc into Arizona.  He failed.  Now he is going to turn Arizona into usc.

When Floyd came to usc, he said that Arizona was the “standard” in the Pac-10 that he aspired to.  That was right before UCLA reeled off three straight conference titles.   Arizona faltered further as Lute Olson dealt with a variety of problems before retiring, but the Wildcats STILL outlasted sc in the NCAA Tournament this year.  Apparently, that wasn’t good enough for U of A fans, who have now lowered the bar of ethics from Midnight Lute to Shady Floyd.

Floyd brings with him a reputation of allowing agents and boosters to roam the halls of sc as VIP’s, right next to certain recruits’ family members, who have been given jobs in order to secure their kids’ attendance.  And don’t forget about Floyd’s slimy backpedal about O.J. Mayo’s illegal courtside Laker tickets. And SOMEONE has been COACHING Daniel Hackett to take all those flagrant cheap shots at vulnerable opponents.

But the Wildcats don’t care about any of that — They just want Floyd to bring to the Desert the parade of one-and-done phenoms that could possibly Carmelo-ize Arizona back into the forefront of College Basketball.  And… he probably WILL.  Floyd will seemingly do whatever it takes when it comes to recruiting, and he has been able to motivate his players to defend with a tenacity that, if he has a few McD All-Americans, could breed Championships in Tucson.  He HAS beaten the Bruins on occasion, with definitely inferior talent.

The NCAA might have been mysteriously prevented from touching Floyd while he was at sc, but now that he doesn’t have the protection of the trojan machine, he better start looking over his shoulder — the NCAA will be watching his every move.  In fact, don’t they call that “The Neuheisel Treatment” now?

It would be NICE to think that Floyd bailing on sc means that Demar Derozan, Taj Gibson, and Daniel Hackett are all leaving early, but it doesn’t.  Even if the trojans have a Final Four roster to start the year, Floyd would still rather be Coaching at a place that actually SUPPORTS the Program.  Just go to the Arizona and sc games at Pauley next year and look at the difference in fan support, despite the difference in travel time.

And if it’s not for the support, maybe it’s for the “climate.”  Is it true that in the 120-degree “dry heat” of the Desert, you don’t perspire?  Timmy will still sweat bullets in Tucson, but that’s better than DODGING bullets on his way into the Galen Center.  South Central’s climate:  It’s always raining…ammo.  So, Jamie Dixon, bring your Kevlar.

Yes, it’s rumored that Ben Howland’s protege Jamie Dixon will leave Pitt to fill Floyd’s shoes.  The anti-rumor is that Dixon and Howland are very good friends who don’t want to compete head-to-head twice a year every year, so watch for Dixon to ask for crazy money before being passed over.  Could Rick Pitino be in the mix?  Why would a top-line Coach want to play to an empty house, and be in Pete Carroll’s shadow, with NCAA investigations supposedly pending?  Just let Lil’ Romeo coach the team.  He ought to be doing SOMETHING.


Rockin’ the Dark Side.

“…keep your hands off of my stash.”  [from “Money,” by Pink Floyd]

If you sync up Dark Side of the Moon to Wizard of Oz, this photo will become Dorothy saying there’s no place like home.

TIM-ber!!  Now will the dominoes fall?  DeRozan, Gibson, Hackett?  Sidney?



  1. SCopper Avatar

    Tim, that little SOB. He abandoned ISU and he eventually landed with USC. Doesn’t surprise me.