Pink makes a stink, but the missing link with ink is out of sync

Annoyed Floyd raises racket, but Hackett won’t back it

The first rule in Bullsh!tting, is to always get your stories straight.  Apparently, usc Head Coach Tim “Pink” Floyd didn’t pass that class.  “We don’t need no ed-u-ca-tion.  We don’t need no thought control.  No dark sarcasm in the classroom.  Teacher leave those kids alone!”

Floyd filed a formal complaint with the Pac-10 this week, over the Officiating in his loss to Arizona State.  The trojans were called for 28 fouls, 20 in the Second Half, double that of the Sun Devils.  But Floyd better hope that the Pac-10 doesn’t call sc Guard Daniel Hackett in as a material witness.   In the same L.A. Times story that uncorked Floyd’s Desert Whine, Hackett ratted him out, saying in essence that the Refs did a good job, and that the trojans were themselves to blame for the foul discrepancy, because they were lazy and didn’t move their feet on Defense, and didn’t attack on Offense.  This is the exact same thing that O.J. Mayo conveyed immediately after the loss, so it looks like Timmy might have trouble lining up some witnesses for HIS side.  Mr. Floyd may have to go to The Dark Side of the Moon.


And speaking of the Moon, once in a Blue Moon, we need to backpedal on something that we wrote.  Last week we said that it’s virtually never allowable to root for usc.  Well, if Stanford beats UCLA on Thursday night, it is possible that only a trojan win over Stanford over the Weekend could give UCLA the Pac-10 Title.  We realize that it’s ALL ABOUT Final Fours and National Championships, but it would be nice to extend the Conference Title Streak, and besides, an sc win over the Cardinal wouldn’t help them all that much, seeing as they are already assured of a mid-level seed in the Tourney.  So perhaps this might be one of those Blue Moons where it’s okay to wear red and gold for two hours.  Better yet, hopefully Ben Howland will use this doomsday scenario as motivation for UCLA to kick Stanford’s ass, making the whole thing a moot point.

Plastic surgery doesn’t help TIMING.

And now, for John, Jeff, Josh, Meat, both Ricks, and everyone else who has been clamoring…

  At least THESE two trojans have their step together