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Luscious Katie boldly goes into the Final(ist) Frontier, as the only Bruin left in the Fox Sports West Girl Contest, where 4 of the 10 Finalists are trojans — Please go to Fox Sports West EVERY DAY for the next week and give Katie 5 Stars

Congratulations to UCLA’s own Katie, who just made the FINALS of the Fox Sports West Girl competition.  Now it’s time to help push her over the top.  Everyone needs to go to the link above, and rate Katie with FIVE STARS.  You can go once a day, every day until the contest is over on the 8th.  Fan voting accounts for 50% of the judging, so I need every single reader to please take a few seconds a day and help Katie out.

If you have more than one browser, like Internet Explorer AND Google Chrome, you can go every day, with each browser, thereby getting her two 5-star ratings every day.

FOUR of Katie’s 9 competitors are u$c supporters.  Do you really want more Trojans on the TV station that carries so many Bruin games?  Let’s keep those Trojans off the air, and get Katie the position she so rightfully deserves!

Here are 7 photos that illustrate Katie’s visual qualifications…  If I could showcase her personality too, I would, because she easily qualifies and excels in that category as well.  But if you click on the link to rate her, you can view a video that gives you a little taste of what a sweetie she is.


"FINAL(IST) FANTASY: LAST BRUIN STANDING – FOXY KATIE!" was published on April 3rd, 2013 and is listed in Non-Rivalry News, Non-Rivalry Photos, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.


  1. Jay wrote,

    Jay wrote,
    I work at a tv sports network and it’s filled with trOJan$. We DON’T WANT ANYMORE! Support fellow Bruin Katie, vote on your home and work computers on every browser everyday.

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