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Pom Pom OWNS the ‘bu!

(Bush-) Gate Crashers:  Carroll crashes into a Cop car, while Garrett crashes trojans’ Viewing Party of UCLA Cheerleaders

Only Pete Carroll could ram into a Police car, and have it be reported as the Police’s fault.

Four days ago, Carroll was tooling down the Pacific Coast Highway in the fast lane, when a Sheriff’s car apparently got an urgent call, and had to reverse directions.  As the Sheriff went to make his U-turn, he was allegedly t-boned by an oblivious Carroll.  

Naturally, the Media Reports do NOT include any of the pertinent details, so HERE is what MIGHT take place in an America’s Most Wanted-style hokey re-enactment:  Not only was Carroll using his cell phone, but he was TEXTING a Recruit with it.  While trying to spell-check the words “tutor,” “escort,” and “fellatio,” he didn’t notice the Sheriff’s bubble-lights start flashing,  the siren start blaring, nor every other car on PCH start pulling over to the right. 

Or maybe he DID notice, but decided that those dusty, old Rules of the Road don’t apply to HIM.  After all, he’s Pete Carroll — What kind of Police Emergency could possibly be more important than whatever Pete is up to?

Or maybe Pete was playing the law of averages, and figured that by impeding a Police Pursuit in L.A., he’s probably helping a trojan evade capture.  Either that, or the Malibu Sheriff was the same one that Pete’s probable Drinking Buddy Mel Gibson had an issue with a while back, and Pom Pom wanted to get even for his White Nation brother.

No matter HOW it happened, it’s a miracle that the Deputy isn’t standing up for himself.  Never before has a Cop admitted total fault in a collision.  Well, not without being paid off.  The trojan spin doctors were probably helicoptered to the scene, and started immediately debriefing the Sheriff, who will now probably enjoy 50-yard line seats at the Coliseum, for life.   That’s because only someone with a weapon can feel safe enough there to “enjoy” anything.

And speaking of not being able to enjoy something, the Jeerleader situation over at Scott Wolf’s Daily News usc blog has deteriorated into such a sh*tstorm that the usc Athletic Department has become involved.  Someone from usc had already been putting pressure on Wolf to stop bashing the current and recent usc Song Girls, but even when he mellowed, the trojan FANS didn’t.  So now, Mike Garrett is taking over, and there’s a new Sheriff in town.

Not only has his staff told Wolf to CENSOR all the negative language (i.e. no more “…so fat and ugly!”) about the Girls, but — and THIS is where it gets interesting — the usc Athletic Department has instructed Wolf (a Daily News-employed, NOT usc-employed, blogger) to STOP POSTING PHOTOS OF UCLA CHEERLEADERS!!!!!

Apparently, Garrett and the powers that be over in Heritage Hall are so humiliated by the discrepancy between their Song Girls and the UCLA Spirit Squad, that they can no longer stomach having their fans be exposed to the Bruin Girls.  Just the simple posting of a photo of a UCLA Cheerleader is deemed to be an insulting put-down of the sc Song Girls, by TACIT comparison.

To be fair (which we NEVER, EVER claimed to be), the edict included the Cheerleaders from the University of Oregon as well.  So they are not saying that UCLA is the only group that is far and away superior to sc — they are saying that the Bruins are one of TWO groups that are far and away superior to sc.  The fact that the Ducks are included proves that this ban is not Rivalry-related, and is purely a reaction to the feedback of trojan fans, who are obsessed with the perceived decline of trojan song girl civilization, and who envy the Bruins and Ducks most of all.

We don’t want to INVITE all those arrogant, immature, and nearly-illiterate trojan fans HERE, because they would just stink up the place, and infest the incoming comments with their childish garbage, but we wish that someone would show them all the recent photos that we have posted, of the Bruin AND Duck Cheer Squads, so that they would stop claiming that the Ducks are in the same league with the Bruins.  They get so excited when Wolf posts a single LITTLE photo of an opposing hottie, while if they came HERE, they would see a hundred times more photos that were each a hundred times better. 

And here are a few more cases in point…

They THOUGHT, incorrectly, that this might be their last game together.

… but they’ll get another chance (just like Pom Pom and all of his thugs).

Someone with computer savvy should post some of these directly onto Wolf’s blog, through the comments section, just to piss off Garrett.

We REALLY don’t mean any offense to the Girls at Oregon OR at sc — There’s no shame in being outshined by the Bruins.

"FAILURE TO YIELD TO L.A.’S FINEST" was published on June 28th, 2008 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, News from the Dark Side, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

Comments on "FAILURE TO YIELD TO L.A.’S FINEST": 11 Comments

  1. Eric Lee wrote,

    A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks

  2. tb wrote,

    Did you see where a female student at $c was given ONLY 5 years probation after finding her baby boy in a dumpster in LA dead? She had another baby and its body was never found. They say that she only got probation because no one knows if the baby was born dead. Is the $c mom so dumb that she didn’t know if the baby was dead or alive when born? Of course, she would say dead because then she only gets probation. Another trOJan gets away with crime – and this girl isn’t even an athlete.

  3. JP wrote,

    Haha. That’s hilarious what’s going on over there. With another year for our Dance Team, expect more anger from the Trojans. We can dominate for yet another year.

  4. UCLAXTC wrote,

    Now, T-H you would be the person supplying Scott Wolf with photos of UCLA’s dance team, would you? You wouldn’t be one of the instigators of the Song Girl gate by providing proof positive of the disparity between UCLA’s lookers and their Song Girls? (wink wink).

    Great job with the blog and keep up the good work with the UCLA spirit squad photos.

    [T-H’s Note: That’s pretty funny, because I was actually hoping that YOU would straighten those idiots out (by re-posting some of my best), because God knows that I am not going to go there and do it myself!]

  5. JosephineBruin wrote,

    TEXTING recruits while driving! HA HA!

  6. Robert wrote,

    Hey T-H, this was surely one of your best articles in a long time, maybe ever!. You were very articulate, insightful and extremely funny. You’re right only Pete Carroll has the power to make the Sheriffs seem as they are the ones at fault . . . I can’t stand pete carroll.

    I had to copy it onto my myspace page and post it as a bulletin, your article was that good. Sorry but I just had to give out your website address so that they( myspace friends) could take a look for themselves as to how beautiful our Dance team members really are, I hope you don’t mind, or specially the members of the Dance team, because I do know for a FACT they do read your articles, so readers, choose your words wisely. 🙂

  7. RR wrote,

    Haha, damn nice way to put Pete Caroll on blast, don’t like that guy at all.

    Ahh being a Bruin is great.

  8. promosyon wrote,

    I always read your blog in high spirits. Thanks 🙂

  9. BradandPitti wrote,

    very nice site 🙂

  10. al wrote,

    these girls look verynice but the dont look like they chould the celtics cheerleading squade and if you cant bet the celtics girl then your not a cheerleader in my book and my book conts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Fred wrote,

    Great site idea, great first pic, but where do I find it without the po-po and the doof?

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