If everyone bails, Howland won’t be able to rest on his Laurels.

Brutal week:  The Decline of the Bruin Empire continues, as even Mbah a Moute — who’d be more comfortable a-roamin’ in Togo than in a Roman toga — says he’ll take a stab at the NBA, but doesn’t hire an agent either, so these may not be his famous last words

It’s not REALLY a stab in the back, it just FEELS that way for a while, especially when it happens in bulk:  Yesterday, Bruin Forward Luc Richard Mbah a Moute became the third Bruin in two days to announce that he would enter his name into the NBA Draft, early.  Luc joins Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook in declaring, but also in NOT hiring an agent. 

Coach Ben Howland obviously got through to his Players about retaining their eligibility until the pull-out deadline, just in case they get injured ala Brandon Rush (who came back to Kansas under those exact circumstances, and won the NCAA Title).  Howland’s cautionary tale about Rush probably played a part in all three of the early announcees not signing agents yet. 

Now the question is, what does Luc need to hear to make him pull his name out?  Will his complete lack of a jump shot cost him his chance of getting selected?  Or will his flexible Defensive prowess and natural knack for Rebounding be enough for someone to take a chance on him?  It’s being speculated that Luc will go ONLY if he feels confident of being a First Round pick.  Since that possibility seems like a longshot, our guess is that Luc comes back to Westwood for one more go-round.  If he does, in his positive-thinking mind, he will probably be expecting to be the Bruins’ primary Offensive threat next season.  However, Josh Shipp, Jrue Holiday, and probably one of the other incoming Freshmen will have to be better with the ball than Luc, or Luc will NOT make it back to his 4th Final Four.  

Regardless, Luc’s toughness, work ethic, hustle, and attitude (if not his hand-eye coordination) will be welcomed back to Westwood with open arms.  Those kind of intangible character traits tend to be contagious, and the Bruins would not be going for four Final Fours in a row without his contributions.  By the way, we do NOT blame him for testing the NBA waters, NOR would we hold a grudge if he leaves based on experts projecting his First Round status.  But we’d love to have him back, to help fill the gaping void in the middle left by Love’s departure, and to help school the incoming Frosh, in the little things that make the difference between winning and losing, like uncompromising EFFORT.

Will Shipp do it too?  Then Collison?  The fate of next year’s team is still completely in doubt.  SCARY!!

Luc… what he’d be missing.