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The Rivalry hatchet stays buried this week, as we celebrate the best USC has to offer, all in the name of charity

Just because they possibly made a misguided choice on where to matriculate, doesn’t mean they aren’t attractive people with good hearts.  That belief is borne out again today, as I share with you the second batch of photographs from the 2013 Swim with Mike Fundraiser.  On Saturday, the Trojan Song Girls slipped on bikinis and jumped into the pool for an Innertube Relay Race, all to raise money and awareness for a worthy cause.  The Swim with Mike Foundation gives the proceeds to severely injured students so that they can attend college and go on to succeed tremendously in life despite their tragic setbacks.

You too can donate, at

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the 50 photos I posted yesterday, and the 36 at the end of this article.  Click on the photos to enlarge them, and check back tomorrow and all week long to see more.

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