UCLA is 3-0 (and sc is 0-3) — Not bad, for STARTERS.

Drowning Dogs — 3-0 Bruins drain Dawgs’ Reservoir, while Reservoir-Tipped Doggs paddle to 0-3 after getting house-broken by WSU

Call it The Dog Days of Winter.  The Washington Huskies, aka “Dawgs,” are just not what they used to be.  After beating UCLA 3 of 4, UW came into Pauley as a 15-point Underdawg, and they didn’t disappoint their backers, when they covered the spread by one point with their 69-55 loss.  Jon Brockman is a certified BALLER, but without much help, he was unable to excel, especially with Kevin Love and co. concentrating on keeping him in check. 

Lorenzo Romar’s previously up-and-coming Washington Program has now dropped 6 of their 15 games this season, including both of their Conference games.  Surprisingly, the Huskies couldn’t stop Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (!), who led the Bruin Starters with 17 Points, most of them during the First Half.  Russell Westbrook came off the bench to lead the team with 18 Points, quarterbacking the team while Darren Collison (18 minutes) nursed a recently-poisoned stomach, and  newly-injured hip.  Westbrook continued to look like the team MVP, controlling the game, completely shutting down Ryan Appleby (18 minutes, 2 shots, 0 Points), and running the show, as the Bruins maintained a double-digit lead for most of the game.  The Huskies had one good run in the Second Half, but the Bruins weathered it, and finished without the game ever being in jeopardy.  It’s amazing to see how far the Dawgs have fallen, so fast. 

Speaking of underacheiving canines, trojan fans are starting to question whether purchasing the rights to the O.J. Mayo Show was worth the money.  Mayo had his third lousy Conference game in a row, as the trojans lost at home to Washington State, 73-58.  That’s about 17 points OFF the pointspread, if you were wondering.

What has happened to the spectacular team that almost beat #2 Memphis and #3 Kansas?  THAT team had put the fear of God into some Bruin fans, knowing that UCLA and Texas are, on paper, no better than Memphis and Kansas.  But now, the trojans don’t look like they can compete with the elite.  In fact, some experts now predict that they won’t even make the Big Dance this year (Mayo’s only chance).   The “Defense” that the trojans were playing for a while last night was the WORST you have ever seen, and that INCLUDES the Washington Generals.  The Cougars could have been shooting buckets of confetti (just like the ‘trotters), and they still would have scored in bunches.

The Cougars looked great after Halftime, running smooth plays that had the trojans LOST on D, time, after time, after time.  After they fell way behind, Mayo finally made a few shots, joining Taj Gibson and Dwight Lewis as the only trojans with more than FOUR points in the whole game.  The trojans got a total of ZERO Points off their bench.  Now THAT sounds like some sort of Coaching issue.  Maybe next year, Tim Floyd will turn the reins over to trojan ex-con/mascot Snoop Dogg, who should have a natural rapport with incoming playah Lil’ Romeo.

Luckily for the trojan Doggs, they get the struggling Washington Dawgs next — a golden opportunity to break out of the clutches of a winless, Last Place Pac-10 campaign.  The trojans looked bad, but not as bad as the Huskies did.  Unless the Dawgs want to replace the Doggs in the Pac-10 Doghouse, Brockman’s teammates better not dog it.

Love turns Appleby into applesauce

    If “Defense Wins Championships,” dust off another place in Pauley…