Trojan Marc Tyler gets busted for spitting on a woman and allegedly sexually assaulting another one

For the first time ever, I am GLAD that Marc Tyler didn’t choose to attend his Father’s alma mater.  It is now apparent that Wendell Tyler’s son is simply not Bruin material… but he certainly fits in at usc.

Yesterday it was reported that Tyler is just another trojan sleazeball, who can’t control his liquor, and who, when he loses his inhibitions and shows his true colors, abuses women.  Tyler has now added his name to a laundry list of other players from O.J.U. who have gotten in trouble for heinous acts that include Sexual Assault, Rape, and Murder.

So far, Tyler has faced no punishment, of course, as the trojan machine decides how to sweep these incidents under the rug.  If you go by past history, the victims might be getting bribed and/or threatened right now.  Tyler is going to Counseling, and if trojan fans get their way, that will be the end of it.  There is no way they want to lose their leading rusher, even though he ADMITS that he really did spit on a girl.

As for the sexual assault, Tyler is still in denial-mode.  The trojan LEGAL machine is probably advising him on THAT course of action, as that victim is confronted.  The Times mentions something about Tyler touching a woman in a bar inappropriately, but that sounds like they are trying to downplay the assault.  Do you remember the scene in “Crash” where the cop, played by Matt Dillon, fondles a woman between her legs?  Was that just an inappropriate touch?  No, it was definitely sexual assault.  If that’s more like what Tyler did, and he skates, he can add his name to O.J.’s and several other trojans who have gotten away with disgusting and disgraceful crimes against women, without any ramifications.

Hopefully, the victim will refuse to be per$uaded or coerced into backing down, and she will pursue Justice.  Hopefully, the truth will come out, and Tyler will get exactly what he deserves — And if that means jail time and getting treated by a cell mate the way he treated this woman, then so be it.

But don’t get your hopes up — It would be like spitting in the wind.  History tells us that the deep pockets of u$c will somehow make this all go away, and Tyler will be in the starting backfield for the University of Sanctioned Cheaters when the season starts this Fall.