DIGGING ALL THE WAY TO CHINA (and leaving the trojans behind)

Is that another Bruin Great tipping EY’s cap?

Bruin Great Elaine Youngs is Set to Go to The Promised Sand of Beijing, Blocking and Spiking the Olympic Dreams of TWO Cardinal & Gold Diggers

Can you Dig it?  Thanks to their strong performance this week in Moscow, the Beach Volleyball team of Elaine “E.Y.” Youngs and Nicole Branagh clinched the final berth on the U.S. Olympic Team, and will be headed to China in a few short weeks.

Branagh and Youngs’ second place finish culminated a week in Russia where they earned enough points to officially eclipse the all-usc team of Jen Boss and April Ross from a crack at Olympic Glory.  The U.S. is allowed only two teams, and Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh already locked up the first spot.  So this week’s loss tossed cross Boss and Ross, who must want to hit the sauce, after all that “flossing” for nothing (relatively speaking).

For the legendary Youngs, it is her THIRD Olympics.  She took the Bronze in ’04, with fellow Bruin Holly McPeak as her partner, and in ’96 she was on the Indoor Vollyball Team.  But before that, Elaine was a four-time All-American at UCLA, where she was part of the Bruins’ 1991 National Championship.

We don’t know how Elaine feels about the UCLA-usc Rivalry, but if she’s “into it,” yesterday should have been one of the most satisfying of her career.  Clinching the Olympics is exciting enough, even if it is for the third time, but to commit a twin-trojan-killing at the same time is really killing 3 birds with one spike.

Now don’t feel too sorry for these poor ex-trojan runners-up — Ross is a young up and comer, who won the AVP Rookie of the Year Award a few years ago, and, at the age of 26, still has plenty of years left to realize her Olympic Dreams.  

As for Boss, she turns 31 this year, but is still considered a “rising star.”  That’s quite an accomplishment, considering that she’s finsihed second in the Nation in “Money Earned” TEN times already, collecting about a cool half a mil, just playing in the sand.  And if May-Treanor and Walsh retire before 2012, Boss — and Ross, if they’re still partners — will be a big favorite to carry the American Flag into battle… along with Elaine Youngs and whomever she teams up with.  That is, IF Youngs, who has nothing left to prove, decides to keep on dominating the Sport.

Boss may be a nice girl, but she sure SOUNDS like a typical trojan:  In her bio, under “Favorite Movie,” it lists “Old School,” a mediocre vehicle for trojan funnyman Will Ferrell, and under TV show, “70’s Show,” a mediocre sitcom co-starring trojan not-so-funnyman Wilmer Valderrama.  Of course, when it comes to “Role Model,” she apparently couldn’t think of a trojan with integrity, and had to settle for non-trojan Cal Ripken, jr.   Nothing wrong with Ripken, but maybe that’s what whe should have named her Dog, instead of “Durham,” an obvious tip of the cap to Duke Basketball.  At least she didn’t name it “Vitale,” or “Ratface.”  That would have required a call to PETA;  They could send Pamela Anderson back to the beach — in her Baywatch outfit, hopefully — to boycott Pro Beach Volleyball. 


Below are 6 captioned Tribute photos of Bruin E.Y., followed by a couple of ex-trojan Jen Boss, and two of Bruin Holly McPeak, all in peak form.  Go ahead and take a peek.

 E.Y., celebrating a win in H.B., on NBC.

That’s TWO trojans going down.  That’s right, I said “TWO.”

“Rachel” is Rachel Wacholder, who teamed up with Youngs to WIN this Huntington Beach Open.

The Red hat COULD mean that she doesn’t care about the Rivalry at all.

…of course, it COULD just be a SPONSORSHIP deal (he says, as the Golden Arches stare him in the face…)

Careful, Elaine, or SPIKE Lee might try to sue you for Name Infringement.

Here’s the Boss:  Jen Boss was known as “Kessy” back then…

That’s probably what Boss looked like when she heard the bad news about Beijing.

Hooray for Holly!  [And just a not-so-random reminder that you can click on these photos to enlarge them]

Holly Toledo!  And remember, life is just a series of McPeaks and McValleys, until you McDrop.


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  1. Arty Avatar

    Epic pictures.

    Man oh man.

  2. JosephineBruin Avatar

    Great info! Congrats to E.Y.!

    love the sauce part!

  3. Robert Avatar

    Nah, I’ll take Michelle’s, Elise’s, Katie’s, Brianna’s, Kristle’s, Kristyn’s, Lisa’s, Kara’s and Jaymie’s bodies anytime over these girls anytime.