Bruin Bonding — The exploits of the 2013 Bruins on the Baseball diamond will live forever in UCLA lore as the Bruins’ first-ever Baseball National Championship (and UCLA’s 109th NCAA Title overall), an event worth celebrating

The Dodgers have won 5 straight.  The Angels have won 3 straight.  But according to Eric Karros, the best Baseball in the Southland has been being played by the UCLA Bruins.  The former Bruin star-turned-broadcaster said that during a Padre game recently, before the Bruins won 10 straight Postseason games to become the 2013 National Champions.  Karros was in attendance on Thursday at Jackie Robinson Stadium to honor John Savage and his Savage Beasts, who soothed Bruin fans with a long-awaited Title in Baseball this week, by sweeping Mississippi State in the finals of the College World Series in Omaha.

Hundreds of Bruin fans turned out on Thursday at the Bruins’ home field to celebrate the first Baseball Title in Westwood history, and to try to pressure Savage to stay at UCLA, despite usc trying to lure him back to the Dark Side.  Shouts of “SC SUCKS!!!” could be heard as Savage spoke to the crowd, because the L.A. Times reported that morning that Pat Haden wants Savage to coach the trojans.  Savage used to be the Pitching Coach there, and sc is dying while he made the Bruins the Elite Program in the Country while sc became a non-factor.

Dan Guerrero was a no-show, because he is in Italy, and the Chancellor was a no-show due to a previous engagement.  But the best no-show of all was Chris Roberts.  FINALLY, a UCLA sporting event party that was devoid of that clownish personality reminding everyone how bad our Football and Basketball broadcasts are.

I wouldn’t have cared if 90% of the team were no-shows, as long as someone from the Spirit Squad showed up, and I (and you) were blessed with FIVE beautiful Cheerleaders, who came in uniform, and performed several routines for the appreciative crowd.  Below are 27 photos from the event, most showing off these luscious girls (not to mention a looker in the band!)



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  1. dswenson Avatar

    So PROUD of our baseball team. Thank you for your 1st and our 109th. GO BRUINS!!!!