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Roid Sage — Dodgers are eliminated from the Postseason as Batting Coach (and lying ex-trojan) Mark McGwire’s Offense totally chokes, mustering just 2 hits, and getting shut out again, in 9-0 Game 6 loss to St. Louis

Bad karma, or bad Coaching?  Either way you look at it, a SCumbag ex-trojan doomed the Los Angeles Dodgers’ chance at reaching a World Series.

Admitted cheater and steroid abuser Mark McGwire is in charge of the Dodger Offense, and his players simply did not show up in the biggest series of their careers as Dodgers.  In the 2013 NLCS against the St. Louis Cardinals, McGwire’s boys hit a whopping .211 at the plate, scoring just 13 runs in the 6 games, and just 4 runs in the 4 losses.  In Game 6, the 2-7 hitters combined to go 0-19 with 6 Strike Outs.

Yes, there were 3 major injuries to crucial players, but that left plenty of meat, from a gigantic-payroll roster, and McGwire couldn’t coax anything out of them.  Across losses in Game 1 and Game 2 and into Game 3, the Dodgers went 22 straight innings without scoring.  In 5 of the 6 games, they didn’t homer, and in two of the games, they got completely shut out, including in the deciding Game 6.  To make it even worse, that Game 6 shutout came at the hands of a ROOKIE Pitcher, who already shut them out last week, in Game 2.  It was the first time in history that a Rookie Pitcher has shut out a team in two starts in a Playoff series.  You would think any Batting Coach worth a cent could figure something out, and make some sort of adjustment or suggestion to help his players get more than 2 measly hits in Game 6.  In the series, L.A. batters struck out 50 times (over 8 per game), and Walked only 11 times, but that didn’t stop the undisciplined Dodgers from celebrating like fools all over the field.  The biggest joke was when Yasiel Puig stood at home plate after a swing, grandstanding and hotdogging, when he thought he had hit a Home Run.  But the ball didn’t get out of the park, so Puig should have been running right from the crack of the bat.  Apparently, Puig has been COACHED up by arrogant McGwire, and celebrating a Home Run is more important than the basic fundamentals of Baseball 101.  By taking on the personality of the cheating SCumbag, the showboating Dodgers have now earned the disdain of the rest of the League.  Celebrating their Division Title in Arizona’s pool was just the tip of the iceberg.

As far as hitting St. Louis Pitching, and scoring Runs, McGwire had nothing to offer.  Why would he?  Every single hitting feat that he ever compiled is totally tainted and meaningless, since he has always been a Juicer.  So what does he know about hitting other than “stick this hypodermic needle in your ass, then go up and hack?”  And what kind of motivator is he?  When he stonewalled CONGRESS under oath, he proved that he had ZERO Integrity.  Why would hitters ever respect anything he had to say to them?

Coaches are supposed to set examples for, and be role models to all their players.  Hiring McGwire is an epic fail, and Magic Johnson should remedy this situation.  Fire McGwire, and get Bruins Eric Karros or Todd Zeile in there.  UCLA is the current Baseball National Champion — the Dodgers should try to emulate the Bruins, and win with Class and Integrity — not with immature taunting and premature celebrating, and not with Coaches who are National disgraces who have stained the entire Sport with their sleazy cheating and lying.

"DESIRE TO GO HIGHER? FIRE LIAR MCGWIRE!" was published on October 19th, 2013 and is listed in News from the Dark Side, Non-Rivalry News.


  1. Rick wrote,

    More importantly, the Cardinals LOST yesterday–the Louisville Cardinals, who HAD been ranked one spot ahead of the Bruins…Now (coupled with the invitable loss by either Clemson or FSU) one more CARDINAL defeat and the Bruins can be #6 heading into Oregon…
    But you’re right about McGwire.

  2. Barnes2Stokes wrote,

    Hey TH, I agree regarding McGwire and Puig…There is definitely a double standard, however, regarding payroll. The Braves and Angels gave out horrific contracts to Upton, Pujols and Hamilton. At the time, they were applauded for being aggressive and attempting to bring home a championship. When the Dodgers spend, they are accused of trying to buy a championship. A large payroll doesn’t guarantee winning, but not spending almost guarantees losing.

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