Bread and Water — USC Song Girls take to the water to raise bread that empowers courageous accident victims to pursue their athletic and scholastic dreams

Maybe they can’t WALK on water, but they certainly are saviors to a certain group of scholarship recipients.

The USC Song Girls have to be commended, for consenting to strip down to bikinis every year, and endure multitudes of cameras  and website postings, all for the sake of raising money for some very needy people who have suffered terrible physical trauma, but still have the spirit to press on.  If you want more details on these tragic stories, please visit

As you enjoy the following photos of the Song Girls, please remember that the only reason you GET to enjoy them, is that the Girls are hopeful that you will donate to the cause, and help out the Swim with Mike Foundation.  Viewing these photos should remind you that your bodies work correctly.  Well, there are many whose bodies don’t work correctly, by no fault of their own, and they could really use your help.  And these young people who I am talking about are NOT the ones who feel sorry for themselves — They are the ones who persevere, and will do anything to make the best of a tough situation.  So, do what you can, to help these worthy student-athletes, and to keep this annual tradition alive and well.

Yesterday I posted 42 shots, as a tribute to #42 Jackie Robinson, the most “famous” Bruin Athlete of all time, on the Anniversary of his breaking the Color Barrier.  Today I just happen to be posting 32 more pics, but NOT as a tribute to #32, a retired  jersey number, belonging to the most “famous”  Trojan Athlete of all time. 

Today’s selections focus on the Belly Flop Contest, and the Song Girls carrying and floating on innertubes while waiting for the Football players to arrive.  Don’t forget to click on the pics to enlarge them — especially the horizontal ones, which will enlarge to fill up your computer screen.  And one last reminder: is now on Facebook, at, so check it out, and “like” the page — so that you will always know when new cheer pics are available.  Thanks.