The Deuce is Wild.

A day after O.J. #1 gets fingered by his pals, O.J. #2 gets ratted out by his teammate, for purposely breaking another teammate’s jaw.  The stoolie also says sc executed a Media cover-up to keep it quiet


Which b!tch got the itch to snitch?  We’ll probably never know, but according to the Daily News, one of O.J. Mayo’s usc teammates has leaked to the Media that trojan Point Guard Daniel Hackett’s broken jaw was NOT caused by an inadvertent elbow thrown by Mayo, but by an INTENTIONAL PUNCH thrown by Mayo instead.

The unnamed player goes on to explain that usc purposely deceived the public, by putting out a false story about what happened.  Apparently, all the players were told what the Official story would be, and that they all had to stick to it.  In other words, they are ordering the players to tell outright LIES to the Media, and only one player refused to toe the Company Li(n)e.  

Maybe it was Hackett himself who squealed — he’s certainly the one with the best motive, since his mouth is going to be wired shut for a month, reducing his diet to creamed corn and anything else that he can sip through a straw.  His lips might be sealed, but maybe he fired off an e-mail to Scott Wolf, under the guarantee of anonymity, so that he didn’t get the sh!t kicked out of him, again.

 If you think that this whole story is far-fetched, consider that Hackett and Mayo both have a previous history of fighting with other players, and that Mayo has already been escorted away by Police for a similar offense.  Add to that Mayo’s arrest for Marijuana (for which his buddies took the rap), and is it really a surprise that the annoying Hackett was able to make Mayo lose his (non-existant) composure?

This whole thing took place about a month ago, but sc Head Coach Tim Floyd didn’t even talk to the combatants until three weeks after the fact.  What could he do, anyway?  He certainly can’t “discipline” Mayo — Mayo could just walk away, and then show up for the Pro’s next year.  sc needs him a lot more than he needs them.  If Floyd finds out which player allowed the truth to escape, THEN you’ll see some discipline.  But just for fighting, he’ll follow Pete Carroll’s lead —  All Pom Pom said when Steve Smith broke Dominique Byrd’s jaw (over a video game gambling debt) was “Boys will be boys.”

And thugs will be thugs, so Mayo has come to the right place to establish his (low-class) legacy.

In honor of O.J. TWO following so closely in the footsteps of his trojan namesake, here are a half-dozen photos that feature Cheerleaders holding up TWO fingers, like the infamous trojan salute, or in the case of neanderthals who can’t solve their menial differences without resorting to violence, it’s the Peace Sign. 

[By the way, congratulations to Bruin Garrett Atkins and the en fuego Colorado Rockies.  Not only did they sweep Arizona to win the National League Pennant, but they knocked out the last trojan standing:  Diamondback Jeff Cirillo.  So now, regardless of the outcome of the Bosox-Indians series, the World Series will be graced with the presence of a Bruin, but not dis-graced by the presence of a trojan.]

NO, usc does NOT own the copyright to this gesture!

  Tu-BA, or NOT 2-ba, that is the question.

Hey!  How’d a MALE Cheerleader get in there??  (This is one for you girls out there)

Ya know, you can probably buy the pic that is BEING TAKEN in this pic, at their Photo Store.

Hail to the Hills, in slacks, but no slackers.

usc OWNS the LAPD, and the Peace Sign!