Fiddlin’ around while Troy burns — Bruins continue to celebrate their third straight victory over Southern Cal, while trojan fans go into full meltdown mode, calling for their Coach’s head

There really is no shame getting your ass handed to you by the #8 team in the Country… unless your school’s entire existence and WORTH is totally reliant on winning Football games.  Of course usc is such a school, so trojans all over the City — a City now clearly RUN BY UCLA — are going ballistic, and doing one of two things:  Making excuses or demanding that heads should roll.

Some die-hard ketchup and mustard fans are blaming scholarship reductions for the spanking they took on Saturday night at the hands of the Bruins.  This is ridiculous on two fronts:  Firstly, sc brought the sanctions on themselves with their infamous arrogance and institutional above-the-law attitude; And secondly, the sc STARTERS were getting killed against UCLA, and the game was completely DECIDED way before stamina or team depth could have possibly become a factor.

Equally ridiculous are the trojan fans in the other faction, calling for the firing of Steve “El Siete” Sarkisian.  Sark may or may not turn out to be a successful Coach, but it is too early to decide.  He didn’t do anything in his FIRST YEAR at usc to deserve getting the ax.  Why don’t these people take a cue from the other faction, and cut Sark some slack for having his hands tied by the scholarship reductions?  Give him a chance to produce when he has a full complement of scholarship players.  He shouldn’t be roasted just for losing to UCLA, on the road at UCLA.  At least wait until next year, when the Bruins whip them in the Coliseum, with a Freshman QB at the helm.

Meanwhile, while the Bruins continue to watch trojan fans writhe and squirm with unbearable shame, some more good news has come down the pike:  Linebacker Eric Kendricks was just named 1 of only 5 finalists for the Dick Butkus Award, and was named Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Week, after notching 14 tackles and a diving Interception against $C; In Basketball, Bruin Norman Powell was named Pac-12 Player of the Week, as he led UCLA to their 4th straight win of the season without a loss; And the UCLA Basketball team is no longer unranked, breaking into the polls in the low 20’s, while u$c is 2-3, and probably not among the Top 100 teams in the Country.

That seems like plenty to celebrate, as the Bruins get ready to win the Pac-12 South Division in Football, by beating 4-point underdog Stanford on Friday at the Rose Bowl, so here are 37 more UCLA Spirit Squad photos from Saturday (with a lot more still on the way this week).  Click on the horizontal ones to zoom in.  Enjoy.



  1. Chuck Findley Avatar
    Chuck Findley

    Trojan Hater,

    God bless you! Have a fintastic Thanksgiving. It’s a great time to be a Bruin. Look how much we
    have to be thankful for, especially the UCLA cheer squad!


    Chuck Findley

  2. Franc Klemence Avatar

    Why have you ceased publishing all of the beautiful upper thigh shots of our lovely cheer squad? This group deserves more than the blatant and obvious omission of the necessary and vital portion of their physique. You do these lovelies an injustice by your cropping of their bodies. Wise up…we are adults here!

    [T-H’s Note: The squad has insisted that I don’t post shots like that. They think it’s disrespectful. Although everyone else seems to post shots like that, and the girls themselves post shots like that on their social media sites, I have been instructed not to, and I comply COMPLETELY with whatever they tell me. I would do ANYTHING to maintain my harmonious relationship with the squad. Sorry.]