This awesome “and-1? by Jerime tied the game with 2 minutes to go, but JA wasn’t done influencing the outcome of this game.

The day was a tribute to the Bruin Champs from 1970, but the game’s result was NOT very 1970.

Second-half surge is spoiled by Sophomore’s second-straight snafu in the last 72 seconds, in 70-68 Senior Day (and ’70 Day) setback

With the Bruins down by 3 with 2 minutes left, Jerime Anderson took the bull by the horns, and drove to the hoop.  He got fouled, but muscled up a shot that went in.  Jerime made the “and-1” Free Throw, to tie up the game.  Up to that point, JA had played over 20 minutes against a tough Oregon Defense without scoring, but more importantly, he had not committed a single Turnover, and had dished out 4 Assists.  Jerime was in the game for much of the Bruins’ miraculous 14-point Comeback.  UCLA would not have been in a position to win this game without Anderson.  But that being said…

With the score tied and 1:12 left, JA threw a pass to Nikola Dragovic, who was not in sync with Anderson, and could not adjust to save the ball.  Oregon’s star Tajuan Porter then gave the Ducks the lead, with a near-prayer Three-Pointer (which cannot be blamed on bad Defense).  Porter was on fire all day, leading all scorers with 29.  The Bruins still had a chance to tie, but unbelievably, Jerime Anderson threw it away again.  This time he was out of sync with Michael Roll, who made a move outside, as Jerime was passing him the ball to the inside.  Roll had no chance to adjust, and the ball went straight out of bounds.  Oregon made a couple of Free Throws to ice the game, and Roll added a meaningless 3 at the buzzer to give him 25 Points in the last Home game of his Career (barring an NIT game at Pauley).

Roll was the only Bruin who was hitting from outside.  Drago struggled in HIS last Home game, spraining his ankle during warm-ups, going 1-6 from behind the arc, and missing a trey in the final minute that could have kept the Bruins alive.  Malcolm Lee couldn’t hit from outside either, but he didn’t need to, as his continuous assault on the basket was impressive enough.  Lee somehow found openings in the Paint, and all night long made a series of spectacular reverse lay-ups and dunks that netted him 18 Points, and some respect from Bruin fans, who might have forgotten how athletic he is, and what a good finisher he CAN be. 

Brendan Lane also impressed in the losing effort.  Lane, coming off an ankle sprain, showed more strength than usual, grabbing 5 Boards, and scoring 8 Points on 4-for-4 shooting.  Lane was really working hard all day, fighting off burly Ducks for position.  Senior Mustafa Abdul-Hamid, who started because of Senior Day, made an early 3, missed another, and later, made a couple of nice entry passes.  Like most Bruin fans, I have nothing but respect for Abdul-Hamid — another fine Bruin like James Keefe and Michael Roll — None of them will bring any shame to the University. 

On the contrary, Abdul-Hamid is more likely to bring accolades to UCLA, probably for curing a disease or saving a distant civilization from extinction.  The kid has “work ethic,” “brains,” and therefore, “success” written all over him.  [Note:  No offense to Spencer Soo or any of the graduating Managers, but I don’t know anything about them to share here.  Of course, I wish them all luck and success in the future, and thank them for their contributions to the Program.]

Speaking of success, Tyler Honeycutt continued his all-around excellence.  Even while the Nelson-and-Keefe-less Bruins were getting pummelled on the Glass, Honeycutt pulled down 13 Caroms.  He also dished out NINE Assists, snatched THREE Steals, and Blocked TWO shots.  The problem was that he scored only 4 Points, possibly because he was battling foul trouble all game.  [By the way:  I thought Ben Howland brought Honeycutt back in with 4 fouls too early, with over 8 minutes left.  I was wrong and Howland — who was out of time outs with 12 minutes left — was right.]  Honeycutt’s low Point Total comes on the heels of his Career-high 18, so maybe Ernie Kent’s Ducks schemed to shut down Tyler, in order to nip the trend in the bud.  With Nelson out, the Bruins needed some more Points in the Paint from Honeycutt.  Lee filled that void nicely, but in the end, it wasn’t enough to overcome the two huge miscues that will probably have Bruin fans waiting at the airport for Lazeric Jones’ plane to land next year.  HOWEVER —

As a wise friend said to me at Pauley after the game:  “I’m probably the only one, but I haven’t given up on Jerime Anderson yet.”  Well, he’s not the only one who still has hopes for Jerime’s salvation.  Anyone who remembers how Bruins like Cedric Bozeman, Ryan Hollins, and Drew Olson (in Football) improved exponentially from their humble Westwood beginnings, should understand the concept of patience, and the concept of “supporting” ALL of their fellow Bruins.  That being said, I am, like everyone else, eager to see Jones compete with Anderson and Lee for the Guard Positions next year. 

And by the way, THIS year still isn’t over.  After the Arizona trip, the Bruins get the Pac-10 Tournament.  And even though they lost on Saturday, they did prove that they certainly CAN beat the Ducks on any given day, especially if Reeves Nelson plays.  SO… there is still really no team in the Tourney that the Bruins CAN’T beat.  Sure, they are highly unlikely to put together three straight solid efforts, especially in three straight nights, but Ben Howland teams have been known to peak in March.  Winning that Title would absolutely erase most of the pain that this season has caused, making the future memory of it not nearly so unpalatable.

Below are 31 photos from Saturday.  The photos all have hidden pop-up mouse-over captions.  And don’t forget:  The photos ENLARGE if you click on them.  If you like the pics, don’t be afraid to donate to the cause, and make sure to check back over the next few days, as more photos from Saturday are imminent.

Did the Pirate lose his gig selling Credit Reports Online?

Safe Sex, Bruin style?

T-Love in the house!!  Tyus Edney makes a triumphant return to Pauley Pavilion.

Very cool that James Keefe was in uniform for Senior Day.  James had a tough road, but will go on to be a good representative of UCLA.

Poor Drago — His parents flew in from Serbia for THAT?

At least Michael Roll went out in style (despite the loss), and he leaves with the Record for Most Games Played as a Bruin.

Malcolm was no malcontent on this day — He got some of his aggression out on this dunk.

Lee got hacked on this inside move, as he continuously frustrated the Duck Defense.

On this one, Lee got doubled, but he still miraculously made the shot (after the ball spun around the whole circumference of the rim).

When Lee gets a head of steam, watch out.

Is that “Tyler,” or should it be “Skyler” from now on?

Is Honeycutt a human pogo stick, or what?

This Tyler Honeycutt dunk was an alley-oop off a beautiful, quick-release strike from Jerime Anderson.

Elbow Smack-a-roni — Lane takes one for the team.

Barefoot Bitsy has got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to hang her head about…

…because she gave it the old college try, and she did just as well as the 2 male contestants (and looked better doing it).

The GREAT Gary Cunningham — A nice guy who helped me with a 5th grade paper many years ago, has facial features that make him look permanently angry.

Another GREAT Assistant, and pretty damn good HEAD Coach too, Denny Crum.  I couldn’t believe it when he DIDN’T become the Bruin Head Coach.

UCLA’s 1970 National Champs:  John Vallely is the White guy, and Sidney Wicks is the white-shirted guy.  Traitor Bibby didn’t show (I wouldn’t have invited him).

Even Coach Wooden was on hand to honor the 1970 team — It was JRW’s only trip to Pauley this season (He didn’t miss much).

Wooden must love tough-as-nails Reeves Nelson, who has been ANYTHING but a black eye on the Bruin Program.

In honor of the ‘70 Champs, the Dance Team donned psychadelic mini-dresses.  This is what I call “a good trip.”

Best “record label” of the 70’s?  Swan Song.  Could this have been the Pauley (Men’s Basketball) Swan Song for someone very special?

It’s not going to be as groovy without some of the veterans.  They should do a “Seniors Day” for the Spirit Squad.  That would be far out.

Pauley will never be quite the same.  And I hope her rabid followers stick around and find new favorites.  In Mollie We Trust.

Seriously.  The End of an Era.  This is going to be the toughest re-load in History.  But like I just said, I have total faith — Mollie is as wise as she is fertile.

There are a million good times to look back on, and a million more to come.

Some guys were just meant to be BEHIND the camera.

I hope that the missing Michelle is okay.  She has always been sweet, and tolerant.

My sincerest Thank You goes out, to all the hard-working, dedicated members and staff of the UCLA Spirit Squad.

Last one for today, but many more from this game — mostly CHEER shots — coming soon.



  1. CJ Avatar

    This post is all about how the Bruins lost to the Ducks. Those fools from the other school south of the downtown area lost by to Oregon State by more points than UCLA lost to Oregon.
    Why didn’t you talk about the Trojan loss at all? That’s what I like to see on this website!

    [T-H’s Note: It’s hard to make fun of a team that killed the the Bruins in Pauley, and completed the Sweep in Galen. And it’s not like the loss to OSU actually “hurts” them, since they have nothing to play for. But I HEAR you, and the trojan-bashing will ultimately continue.]

  2. SCopper Avatar

    Alas, I shall find another to favor, never fear.

  3. Bob Avatar

    Just wanted to congratulate you on the outstanding work on this site over the last few years. The coverage has been absulutely excellent and I am among the many who will greatly miss the likes of Brianna, Kate, Michelle, Lisa, need I go on? I’m sure next years crop of girls will be wonderful eye candy but I don’t know how you could top the group of the last couple of years. At any rate, is there any way to have access to past (or future) photos that are in an uncropped format? Perhaps you should consider putting together a CD from your site. I’m sure there would be a good market for it.

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

    [T-H’s Note: Thank you. Unfortunately, I am not supposed to distribute the uncropped shots. Even though I personally don’t think that the photos are offensive or unflattering, I understand that a FEW of the Girls on the Squad DO feel this way, so I’ve been pleaded with, to not share these photos. You are correct, in that I could make a MINT from selling these highly desired pics, but the overwhelming guilt would just kill me. Unlike people from O.J.U., I have a conscience (barely), and it would take one helluva donation to shake it!!]

  4. Bob Avatar

    I agree, your photos are not offensive or unflattering, perhaps because you DO have a conscience. Otherwise you would be shooting for some garbage magazine. Your photos seem to simply showcase the beauty of your subjects (which let’s face it are stunning to begin with) but I guess I can see where some of the girls would object. Thanks for responding, for your conscience and most importantly, for not going for that “other” reformatory institution that we’ll leave nameless!

  5. JP Avatar

    Great shot of the Dance Team. They are still the best year in the nation, year in and year out.

    It seems like Michelle has left the squad before the end of the year. She hasn’t been with the squad for their recent appearances. Good luck to her, if she did leave.