Dallas Clownboy — Matt Cassel is just one of three ex-trojan QB’s to drop the ball… into their opponents’ hands on Sunday;  Two of them cost their teams the game, while the other one was bailed out, against an ex-trojan Coach, who was just one of three ex-trojan Coaches to go down in defeat

The Dallas Cowboys had a bright outlook at the beginning of this season.  Then star Receiver Dez Bryant went down with an injury, followed by an injury to Quarterback Tony Romo.  Romo was replaced by Brandon Weeden,  When that happened, the ‘Boys brought in ex-trojan Matt Cassel just in case.  Cassel never actually played for u$c — He just carried a clipboard for years.  Now Dallas fans wish he never played for the Cowboys either.

After Weeden was ineffective, Cassel was named the Starter.  Then Cassel proceeded to lose ALL FOUR games that he started.  Sunday was his last hurrah, as Romo is due back this week, and what a (black) swan song it was.  Against the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who sport one of the most porous Defenses in the League, Cassel and the Cowboys could muster only 2 Field Goals.  The Dallas Defense kept them in the game, as Buc QB Jameis “Crablegs” Winston couldn’t get anything going.  But late in the 4th quarter, Winston bootlegged into the end zone to give Tampa a 10-6 lead.  Cassel had time to bring the Cowboys back, and he did manage to get them in position to win.  But with 18 seconds left, he lofted a pass in Bryant’s direction, and it was Intercepted in the end zone.  Game over.  And the Dallas fans couldn’t be happier to see Romo return to the line-up this week.

If you think Cassel was “The Biggest (trojan) Loser” this week, you may be right, but it may also be a tie with good old Mark “Butt Fumble” Sanchez, who returned to a starting role for the Philadelphia Eagles, due to Sam Bradford’s injury.  With Contingency Sanchez in control, the Eagles blew a 16-3 lead, and were trailing 20-19 in the 4th.  With 4 1/2 minutes to go, needing only a Field Goal to take the lead, the Eagles were on the Miami 9-yard line.  All Sanchez had to do was NOT turn the ball over.  Instead, just like Cassel, he throws an Interception in the end zone.  UNLIKE Cassel, Sanchez got a reprieve.  Philly got the ball back, and had 1:40 to get back into Field Goal range.  With about a minute to go, they just needed a couple of first downs.  But on a 4th and 10, Sanchex inexplicably threw a 7-yard completion, that had no chance of gaining the necessary yards, and the Eagles went down to defeat.

Cassel and Sanchez each choked and lost on Sunday.  Later that night, Carson Palmer choked too, but his team won in spite of his performance.  Palmer, just like his two trojan mates, ALSO THREW AN INTERCEPTION IN THE END ZONE.  You can check with the Elias Sports Bureau if you want, but I suggest that this was the only time in history that three Quarterbacks from the same college all got picked off in the end zone on the same day.  Palmer also cost his team in another comical way:  Not once, but TWICE, he lost fumbles while being sacked.  Despite Karson’s Komedy Klassic Keystone Kops routine, the Cardinals pulled out the victory, over Pete Carroll’s dramatically-underachieving Seahawks.

With this loss, Seattle falls to a shocking 4-5, only one game ahead of cellar-dwelling San Francisco, who the ‘Hawks will undoubtedly annihilate this coming week.  Of course, 5 times when you expected the Seahawks to roll, they failed miserably, including against the 4-5 Rams.  Those Rams, Coached by former trojan Jeff Fisher, were big favorites at home this weekend against Chicago, only to get mauled by the Bears, 37-13.

Carroll and Fisher weren’t the only ex-trojan Coaches to bite the dust on Sunday.  You have to add Jack Del Rio to that list.  Just when you thought he had fixed what has been long-ailing the Oakland Raiders, they lay an egg against the Bruin-laden Minnesota Vikings, 30-14.  Viking Bruin Anthony Barr played a big role, with 6 tackles, as the tough Minnesota D stifled the Oakland Offense, dropping the Raiders to 4-5.  So now, all three ex-trojan Coaches are 4-5, and in danger of missing the playoffs.  That might make it hard on Lane Kiffin, in case he wanted another crack at the Pro’s, to erase the memory of his horrendous run as the Raiders’ Coach.  But that opportunity has probably dried up.  Maybe someone can try Steve Sarkisian, after he dries up.


Now we leave that tale of futility and failure to the total opposite:  Success and greatness.  Here are 69 photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad, taken at the WSU game — a game I’d rather forget.


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