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6 Weeks Until Football Season:  It’s time to turn up the (c)heat on usc and the NCAA — Order now, to get them while they’re hot

Another new product that is bound to catch the imagination of the Nation — A Nation that is absolutely sick of usc getting away with Murder.  Forget about O.J. 1 for a second — Now it’s all about O.J. 2, who got mad at a Reporter recently for asking him about the “charges” against him.  He kept insisting that the supposed charges were only “allegations.”  He’s pretty confident in the face of a stack of receipts that “allegedly” have Mayo’s signature on them and prove wrongdoing.

Could the fix be in?  Does O.J. know something that the rest of the World doesn’t?  Yeah — That he’s innocent!  Either that, or he knows that the trojans have too much leverage on the NCAA for the NCAA to have any ability to bust Mayo or usc.

Because if the “allegations” turn into actual charges, Mayo is really going to look like an idiot.  Just like Roger Clemens sticking to his guns as more and more “evidence” against him is uncovered, Mayo will lose all credibility if and when the charges stick.

Even though the NCAA can’t “do” anything to the long-gone Mayo now, they could still cost him millions of dollars — If he is proven as someone who swears up and down to the Press that he didn’t do something that he really did, his endorsement deals might just dry up.  No one wants a spokesman that’s a well-known LIAR… except Subway, who actually uses “chronic liar” Jon “That’s the Ticket” Lovitz (but not his “wife,” Morgan Fairchild) to hawk their foot-longs.

Articles in National publications are starting to pop up, wondering why the NCAA still hasn’t acted on the Reggie Bush SCandal, OR on the O.J. Mayo SCandal.  So as long as the NCAA is apparently going to glorify cheating with their inaction, there needed to be some t-shirts to do the same.

Click on the link to the Girt Shop, and Order Now to get yours before Football Season starts, and before usc tries to have them pulled, even though the word “trojan” can refer to computers (viruses), or to prophylactics (anti-viruses). 

Here’s a direct link to the Gift Shop.  There are differents products, and different colors available.  Check them out, and get something delivered before the season starts.  And if you don’t see anything you like, SUGGEST something and we will make it.  Keep in mind we aren’t licensed to use the actual school names, and we aren’t allowed to do profanity.  Yeah, Yeah, we know:  “F*ck THAT!” 

Cheaters never prosper, but I’d sure like to.