Bush would give back his Heisman IF HE COULD??

Attention Reggie:  YOU CAN!!  Just call a Press Conference, admit that you are Guilty, and lateral the trophy to Vince Young

According to Pat Haden, a “contrite” Reggie Bush called Haden and said that he feels bad, he wishes he could turn the clock back, and he’d give the Heisman back if he could.

Despite false reports from ESPN via USA Today, Haden says emphatically that Bush did NOT apologize, or admit to his well-publicized wrongdoings.  Apparently, Bush is still too full of himself to confess like a Man and take responsibility for his catastrophic actions.

Maybe Bush didn’t apologize, but by saying that he should give the Heisman back, isn’t he finally admitting guilt?   And what in the World could make him think that he CAN’T give it back?  If he actually stepped up and did the right thing, that would save the NY Downtown Athletic Club from having to DEMAND its return.

If Bush really does offer it up without a formal request, would Haden follow suit and formally disown their lone BCS Title, and return the crystal football?  My bet is that neither one makes it easy for the rightful owners to get their trophies.

Haden and Bush did share one sentiment:  They are both sad that Bush is not allowed to set foot on usc’s campus.  Haden says he wants Bush to come talk to the current players, but the NCAA sanctions forbid it.  Hey Pat — O.J. will be available in about 7 years, and the NCAA, and your fanbase, have no problem with him.  


2 responses to “Bush would give back his Heisman IF HE COULD??”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    “Haden says he wants bush to come talk to the current players,” I guess a Rhodes Scholarship doesn’t include common sense. What a doof. Why is he even talking to this guy? Forget him and his antics and move on. If Haden needs a reggie fix, he can watch that pathetic Kardashian tv show.

  2. Jake Avatar

    I’m sure he would do lots of things IF HE COULD. Like have a good season for once.