Did I stammer? — Bruins hear a clamor as they hammer home the message at the UCLA Football Spring Showcase that they will BUST OUT this season — something that ex-trojan Bryce Dixon would love to do, since he just got sentenced to 6 years in prison for Carjacking and Assault with a Deadly Weapon

It was NO CONTEST.  The UCLA Football Spring Showcase was NOT a scrimmage.  Score was NOT kept.  It was no contest.  Coincidentally, “no contest” was the plea that former trojan Tight End Bryce Dixon took, in order to attain a plea bargain for only 6 years in jail instead of 15, which is the usual max for the crimes he “allegedly” committed.

Dixon is doing a half-dozen years in the penal system in relation to carjacking, and assault with a deadly weapon, as he and his accomplice accosted innocent motorists with a knife, demanding money, and at least once, the vehicle too.

UCLA has had a few lawbreakers too, but when it comes to the total amount of criminals compared to u$c, it is NO CONTEST.  Also no contest is the fact that UCLA Football will be improved this coming season.  Going more for a Power attack as opposed to a Spread design, it looks like the new strategy will be beneficial for Quarterback Josh Rosen.

Rosen looked confident and comfortable during this public practice, repeatedly STEPPING UP IN THE POCKET, and sidestepping rushers, to buy a few extra seconds, and find open — often deep — Receivers.  There were no announcers calling the action, so I didn’t catch every good playmaker, but I did see Wide Receiver Kenneth Walker III make a couple of deep catches.  I also saw Running Back Soso Jamabo break loose and find running room.  Keep in mind that the Defense wasn’t playing at full speed, pulling up before laying wood to their Offensive teammates.  Nonetheless, Jamabo showed some elusiveness that should make fans optimistic.

On the Defensive side, I saw Defensive Backs Jaleel Wadood and Denzel Fisher playing tight coverage, knocking away several passes.  On the negative side, the Receivers dropped several passes that weren’t knocked away.  There were also the usual-for-Spring errant throws that sailed over their targets to be picked off.  But let’s not draw too many conclusions from a loosely-run practice that was not anything close to a full-on scrimmage.

Also as usual in the Mora Era, the Cheerleaders did not perform at this event.  Mora wants this event to be all about Football, so he discourages anything that might detract or distract from the action on the field.  So, I wasn’t able to get my usual amount of Cheer photos.  Luckily, I did catch Sophie and Christine on the concourse, and was able to capture a bit of the essence of their beauty and grace.  So below are 58 more photos, mostly of the “game” action, then some close-ups from the autograph session, and finally, some shots of the lovely Sophie from the Cheer Squad and Christine from the Dance Team… and just ONE distant shot of Jessica from the Cheer Squad.  I tried to get all the girls in the distance, but only one came out half-decent.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy them.  This could be IT, until auditions in two weeks!  P.S. :  Special shout out and thanks to Bruins Shirley and Jaclyn, who are not on the Spirit Squad, but who are beautiful enough to be, and who made my day extra enjoyable.