“I do believe I have the vapors.”

Thank You For Smoking:  The tailgate grills and Alterraun (“The Burner”) Verner won’t be the only ones smoking on Monday night

Man can not live on Hickory-smoked meats alone.

Man needs Football, and man needs beautiful Bruin co-eds.  At least THIS man does.  The off-season has lasted an eternity, but the smoke is finally about to clear, and you UCLA fans are about to immerse yourselves in your most-beloved Sport.

But with a dreary outlook for an injured and undermanned Football team, the joy this year may come only from the one element of UCLA on which you can always rely:  The Bruin Spirit Squad.

As the Football Team re-builds, the Spirit Squad reloads, already retaining an All-American-caliber core from last season.   Despite what you might have seen on ABC yesterday afternoon, the only Dynasty in town is UCLA Spirit.


The Doak Walker Watch List came out recently, and through a classic snafu, included the name of Marc Dellins, UCLA’s Sports Information Director.  Once Dellins’ name was removed — and replaced by UCLA’ Kahlil Bell’s — the list properly represented the Country’s best Running Backs.  Noticeably absent was the name of ANY trojan, due to their stable of supposedly stellar Tailbacks.  That should be a prominent talking point for Rick Neuheisel, as he recruits the position next year.

Another anti-trojan recruiting “tool” was the premiere appearance of ex-trojan Brandon Hancock as a Channel 7 Sports Analyst.  He and his partner Rob Fukuzaki must have been really excited, because Rob said “play cock” instead of “play clock,” and then complimented Hancock’s notoriously-‘roided-out physique.  Hancock, the worst sportscaster this side of Papadakas, spent most of his on-air time ripping UCLA, and drooling over his fellow Fig Tech lab experiments, and drooling over his former employer, Pete Carroll.  There is a time and place for drooling…

 You say it could be a “long season?”  There IS one upside to that.

   Practicing pass-blocking techniques?

What are you looking at?

Who invited Ronnie James Dio?

Like a Rainbow in the Dark

Rotstein will lead the way.



4 responses to “BRUINS ARE SMOKIN’, PART 2”

  1. jp Avatar

    The UCLA Dance Team’s dynasty is unparallel to any other school. Looking forward to seeing them this year.

  2. Mollie Avatar

    Real quick…wanted to let you and your readers know that we are performing a half-time show tomorrow night that the students have been working really hard on. We are right at the beginning of half-time facing the Press Box and performing to a medley of Elvis hits. The Dance Team, Cheer Squad and Mascots will be performing all together. Should be exciting–this is a first for us! Enjoy!

    See you tomorrow,

  3. Ken S Avatar
    Ken S

    A blonde, brunette and redhead! Now that’s what I call equal opportunity. Either that or they should remake “Petticoat Junction” in Westwood.

  4. chuck moncrieff Avatar

    Great photos. But where are the photos of the Vols cheerleaders that you referred to in the original post…? I was at the game and from a distance some of them looked pretty nice…ciao..Chuck

    T-H’s Note: