Just like a trojan plea:  It’s “No Contest.”

Brought on by massive trojan denial:  A head-to-head face-off between UCLA and Oregon, for Spirit Supremacy

“The Devil Made Me Do It.”

Is this REALLY necessary?  Has the blinding light of The Rivalry really rendered trojans unable to see what is right in front of them?  Is it THAT hard to admit when your Rival is The Best?

Apparently, trojan fans have fully conceded the fact that their Song Girls are not on par with UCLA’s Spirit Squad, but they are refusing to be completely unbiased —  They are holding on to the misconception that Oregon has the best unit.

It’s not healthy to care too much about what other people think, but the overwhelming response that Scott Wolf’s blog is getting to his Song Gate SCandal, is hard to read without screaming at the monitor:  Trojan fan after trojan fan rudely complaining about the state of their Song Girls, and then saying that the Bruins don’t compare with the Ducks.

The infuriating problem is that they are making these judgments without having enough exposure to either set of Girls.   They see snippets of the Bruins on TV at commercial breaks, and maybe they sat 30 yards away from them at two games.  As for the Ducks, they probably have never seen them in person, and have only seen a few, select, internet shots.  And with big Nike money behind them, many of those shots are airbrushed  glamour shots.  But if you want Reality…

Below is a mouse-over captioned, 24-photo, “You Make The Call” collection, featuring 8 all-new Duck Shots, interspersed with 9 Bruin Shots, followed by 7 more, special Bruin Close-ups.  And all of them blow up when you click them.  But first, the DISCLAIMERS:

1.  No INSULT is intended toward the Ducks.  They definitely have 1 or 2 knockouts, and there is no shame whatsoever for a CHEER SQUAD, in finishing in second place to the Bruins’ DANCE TEAM;

2.  These are NOT the best shots of the Ducks, whereas these ARE the best Shots of the Bruins.  The bias is obvious, but it’s not intended to FOOL anyone.  HOWEVER, it is still extremely possible to look at these pics, WITH that knowledge, and still come to the logical conclusion.

3.  Because of Disclaimer #2, and to be a little less unfair, direct LINKS to the articles that DO contain all the best Duck shots are included after the 24 photos.

4.  This is as close to a “Hall of Fame” of the current Bruin Dance Team as this Site has ever published.  Obviously, this is not fair to Oregon, OR to the sc Song Girls, or to any other squad, or to any young, growing teenaged girl, who might develop low self-esteem by comparing herself to these pics.  Sorry.

5.  If the Hall of Fame isn’t enough for you (hey, Waldorf), try checking out this website’s “Categories.”  One of them is Cheerleader shots, which means that every single article listed in the category contains at least one, and usually a lot more than one, cheerleader photo. 

6.  Hopefully, someone with big balls will venture onto Wolf’s Blog and inform them of this webpage.  They NEED to see this, in order to make a more informed decision.  However, it will probably cause an influx of immature and ultra-nasty comments here.  So for you newcomers, you should know that NO ONE SEES ANY COMMENT UNTIL THEY ARE APPROVED.  And this is not Wolf’s blog — Some of the UCLA Cheerleaders actually frequent this site, and this site will not let them be subjected to any bullsh*t.  However, if you honestly think that the Ducks — even after this pictorial — are #1, a polite comment stating that benign opinion would probably be tolerated.  However, it would sure be hard to believe.

7.  It is not necessary to say that you could compile a collection of unflattering shots that would make the Bruins look unworthy of thier reputation.  Because it is absolutely true.  You have NO IDEA how many bad shots we are sitting on.  But the point is, that’s NOT what’s going on here — This is just basically the fourth set of Oregon shots — truly the best of the ones we hadn’t posted yet.  The unfair TWEAK is juxtaposing them with the best of the best from the Bruins’ Dance Team, and we ADMIT that.  But it’s still a lot more for you to go on than what you had before today.


For starters, a perfect example:  Not the best photography, but you can see plenty of faces (and bodies) to form an honest opinion.

Now here’s a Gauntlet worth running.

They have really pretty hair, but it lacks body, just a little bit like the “before” pics in those conditioner ads.

Just seeing them perform is a hair-raising experience.

Despite their immense popularity, the Ducks don’t carry themselves with that same air of royal confidence, yet.

…but THIS group knows how to carry themselves just fine, thank you.

Not to get too LIBERAL, but this photo is like the Presidential Race:  The Left is looking better and fitter than the Right, and there’s a really Lame Duck with a head full of stuffing, backing out of the picture.

Here are ALL NINE members of the World Famous UCLA Dance Team… and yes, World Famous Jamaal Wilkes in the background

AGAIN:  We’re SORRY for the weak photography, but, the flaws are not Photoshopped in.

Enough to bring a tear to Old Yeller’s eye.

It would have been ironic if the hottest girls (with the best genes) came from a town called “Eugene.”

On Wolf’s blog, they talk about “The Look.”  This is what they are talking about (times five, almost).

It is completely understood that Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, and when dealing with such a SUBJECTIVE subject, there is no right or wrong opinion.

With that t-shirt in the background, it’s dificult for a trojan to appreciate the beauty of this photograph.

And this whole bogus “Showdown” completely discounts Athletic Talent, which the Bruin CHEER SQUAD has in excess.

Sometimes, a novice photographer gets very LUCKY, with the perfect storm of lighting/exposure, focus/steadiness, and most importantly, SUBJECT MATTER.

The malcontent trojans would stop clamoring for Blondes, if they had these two Brunettes on their squad.

Maybe trojans just can’t get by that much TRUE BLUE to see the painfully obvious, painful truth.

Thousands of trojans will see these, thousands will learn the truth, and not ONE will have the Class to admit it.

Brianna was making waves here, long before becoming Sports Illustrated’s National Cheerleader of the Week.

Sometimes, perfectly straight hair IS perfect.

Elise & Katie — Elise is the other Bruin whom SI honored this year — How long until they get to Katie?

At this point, is it just gilding a lilly?  It should be preaching to the choir, by now.

And there it is:  The final nail in the coffin of trojan fans’ delusions, right there IN BLACK AND WHITE.

And now, in the “Spirit” of Fairness, here is a link to the article that followed the UCLA-Oregon Football game last November.  It contains, honestly, the absolute BEST photos that we got of the Oregon Cheerleaders.   The second link is to the “second-best” batch of Oregon Cheer shots, and the third link is to the third-best batch, although that time we “accidentally” allowed a little cottage cheese to remain visible.  That mistake SHOULD have kept everyone grounded in OUR “Reality.” But no, we had to give you TODAY’S landmark pictorial, along with 7 disclaimers, because it’s hard to make this point without “rubbing it in.”

Link 1:

Link 2:

Link 3:



7 responses to “BRING IT ON!”

  1. JP Avatar

    I think Trojan fans are simply not recognizing our girls out of spite. In terms of individual girls, there’s no doubt we have the best girls. The Ducks are collectively cute, but the Dance Girls can each stand on their own. The LAist declared UCLA Dance as the BEST during the Pac 10 Basketball Tourney this year.

    Oregon simply does NOT have girls at the level of Brianna, Katie, Elise, and the rest. Not EVEN close.

    In fact, Oregon’s girls still have that high school look that a lot of cheer squads seem to adopt. Our girls are NBA-level beautiful and hot. They’re even better than the Laker Girls. They are that perfect blend of wholesome and sexy, collegiate and hot, and I just don’t think anyone compares. And our girls actually have REAL women’s bodies. Without getting too anatomical, our girls are fully developed and they don’t look like 12-year olds.

    The UCLA Dance Team is just in a whole other league. They belong in the NBA.

  2. Sid Wicks Avatar
    Sid Wicks

    Here is a comment even you can agree with regarding your own UCLA cheerleaders.
    If you want to beat the Mighty Ducks of Oregon…
    Show some abs!!!

  3. Nate Avatar

    On theres pictures of our UCLA girls…”Why limit yourself to comparing USC song girls to UCLA dancers when you can compare all the best this fine country has to offer to the side-line beauties from the former USSR? Head over to CO-ED and cast your vote in the Cold War Cheerleader Showdown.” Of course IMO…UCLA wins regardless of who they go up against.

  4. scrubsoth Avatar


    great pictorial. i guess you really pulled out the big guns for this one, because these are some of the best dance team pics i’ve seen on this site.

    we all know that katie, elise, and brianna are the site and its reader’s favorites, (not to mention and other sites as well) but i think kristle is very underrated and should be given more due. i know T-H, you’re not very big on comparing… but you probably agree with me. you should be a pioneer leading the charge for kristle.

    anyway, not to be a homer or anything… but the UCLA squad has no competitors in the pac 10. The Ducks put up a good fight, but in the end, i think they are a bit outclassed by the ladies of westwood. i think you have to look to the belles of the SEC to find some competition for the Bruin dance team. And even then, they’d still be hard to top.

  5. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    Oh, please. What is there to debate? just look at the Oregon girls from the knees down maybe one or two of them have definition on their calves, the rest of them are “straight down” and if you look at their legs, most of them have “cottage cheese” on them. If you look at our girls the have definition everywhere!! we have no weak links, no . . . none.

    So I think competition is officially OVER! “winners by unanimous decision . . . drum-roll . . . the Bruin Girls!”

    BTW the only reason the Oregon girsl are showing abs, is to draw the attention away from their cottage cheese thighs and cankles. Stop with this non-sense.

    The Bruin girls have absolutely impecable abs, if you can’t see how flat their stomachs are then you need to go see an optometrist.

    [T-H’s Note: Hey Robert — You’re registered with Wolf’s blog, aren’t you? Are you going to link this page to them, so they’ll finally shut up?]

  6. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    I just registered with it a couple of days ago, but I’m not a computer nerd, maybe you can email me the instructions.

    [T-H’s Note: It’s okay — Someone named “Nemesis” just posted a link! Thanks!]

  7. jill alvarez Avatar
    jill alvarez

    ducks rule!!! all other cheerleaders drool, cuz ducks rule!! go cheerleaders!!